use Sky Go with Chromecast

Chromecast Google sends his own HDMI stick in the race to win the favor of PC users, the screen content to stream from your PC to the TV. Chromecast already supports a variety of services with their own apps, other offerings such. As Amazon Instant Video, however, fails Chromecast.

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Sky Go is the offer of pay-TV broadcaster Sky, about the contents of a Sky subscription also streamed on iPhone or Xbox 360 can be seen. But how it looks with the collaboration of Sky Go and Chromecast?

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Is it possible to Sky Go streaming Chromecast?

Sky customers looked for a long time already the mark, if an Android phone and an iPhone in the house. Meanwhile, Sky Go was released for Android, thanks to the APK can the app install if the device is not officially supported. An official way to view Sky Go on Chromecast, there is not yet present, nevertheless, hopes, which is attribute with an official Chromecast support for Sky Go will soon increase.

  • For a long time sat Sky Go on the infamous Silverlight plug-in from Microsoft.
  • The HDMI Stick Google fails in supporting Silverlight content.
  • Meanwhile, the party has changed to HTML5.
  • Opening the Sky Go app on the Android device, the Chromecast icon appear. A function but has not the symbol, but it can be assumed that the support will soon be involved. Sky Online works for. B already with the Chromecast stick.

A small detour you get Sky Go now on Chromecast to work. Made possible by the Cast extension for the Google Chrome browser.


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Sky Go and Chromecast: you should know

  • Installed the add-on in the browser on the PC.
  • then starts the video in the browser and sends the appropriate tab to Chromecast on your TV.
  • However, this detour, Sky Go is to use Chromecast nor to enjoy with some errors.
  • So the picture in full-screen mode is not transmitted.
  • Streams you decorate your desktop with opened Sky Go tab, there can be jerks and delays on the TV screen.
  • The audio output is very limited to enjoy.
  • Unfortunately, therefore, is not much different than an official Sky Go app to stream the image smoothly and with sound output via the HDMI Stick to wait for Chromecast or at least an alternative route.
  • Also learn from us how to get a second card for Sky.

use Sky Go with Chromecast

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