What is rundll32.exe – and it’s safe?

You've always asked you what those rundll32.exe actually in your processes makes and whether it is even dangerous? We tell you what it's all about and how you can proceed with it if it is malware.

What is rundll32.exe - and it's safe?
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A safety message: As a system using Windows, the rundll32.exe is located in the C: \ Windows \ System32. If it does not exist on one or more copies in the processes of the Task Manager, it is likely a Trojan, worm or other malware.

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What is rundll32.exe

The rundll32.exe is an important part of Windows and is it required that represented 32-bit run program code in DLL files as applications on the PC. It is imperative for the functioning of the control panel, but is also abused frequently dll viruses to cause damage to unprotected computers.

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How do I know if rundll32.exe is a pest

As already described above, is the original rundll32.exe in the C: \ Windows \ System32. Should you in the task manager on another copy of the same name launched after your computer behaves strangely, the home page is manipulated when you start your browser against your will or warn your anti-virus program you from being infected should, you protect yourself with the given means to prevent this > Annoying malware and brake system remove CCleaner for Windows 7

Known viruses of the same name:

  • W32.Miroot.Worm
  • Backdoor.Lastdoor
  • Trojan.StartPage

So you checked the authenticity of rundll32.exe

In order to accurately detect whether the current rundll32 processes in described directory C: \ Windows \ System32 are, you can relate a system query certainty.

Give the Start menu > Run for the following lines:


and in this window then

Task List -svc

You are listed processes that are not listed in the System32 directory is a threat.


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