RimWorld: Remove Steel, find and steel-Mod in detail

Steel is an important resource in the sci-fi simulation RimWorld. You make it furniture, safety items such as sandbags and walls. Steel receive, at the beginning sufficiently. Picks it up good, you will need it in a big way after a short time. In this guide to RimWorld we show you where their herbekommt the coveted material.

Your Of steel units in RimWorld much can make the difference. Have you already used this resource, you can build you no refrigerator, have no Electricity, does not engage research and your colonists will either sweat or freeze to death. So that your residents does not happen all that we tell you in this Guide to RimWorld, where to find her steel can, as you degrade him and how else you get to the coveted resource.

See here the explanation to some innovations from the developer Tynan Sylvester: 

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RimWorld &# 8211; Steel: What do you need the resource?

steel is an important resource in RimWorld. You already receive at the start a few units of this material. They are characterized by a x marked, so your colonists the material will not be carried away. expresses clicks on it and then F. But why is steel so special? This item is required for almost all technological objects. Once you later current needs or your food cool like, steel is the most important item for it.

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If there is later Disputes with other factions or wild animals, you should think of steel walls and doors. you are more resistant block out much against damage and. For this you also need more resources, so more steel. Do you build a example Top, roof, But do you need no materials. Rips her from a wall on which a roof is fixed, it can collapse and damage your furniture &# 8211; as well as objects that have built her of precious steel. Of course you can build the furniture from other resources such as wood. Steel is also an important Raw material for weapons and armor. Do you need more tips for RimWorld yet, you find them elsewhere with us.

Furniture made of steel are robust - even walls made of the material are not to be despised.Furniture made of steel are robust &# 8211; also walls of the material are not to be despised.

For steel and reduce &# 8211; So you get the coveted item

So shall ye batteries, Generators, battle tables, Research tables, heaters set or other equipment that requires her steel. At the beginning you find it in your crash site. In the course of RimWorld you should hold open and search the map for steel and the eyes. Small care packages throwing namely additional resources on the card.

  • By dealer you can receive and steel.
  • Builds steel from by mining. You must then no longer continue to work, but can use the mined product.

    So steel looks on your map.So steel looks on your map.

  • Seeks also to broken and old buildings on your map. You can break down the walls and gain from steel.
  • through research can melt down its steel slag chunks and processed into steel.
  • Did you also further research, can you later opponents named Mechanoids meltdown.

Making medicine and colonists heal RimWorld

Steel can with 75 units stacken. It need not be covered &# 8211; This means that steel does not rot or under other circumstances expires. A electrical melt processed steel slag to steel. Here you can also melt down weapons, so get your steel. But in order to perform the at least one colonist needs the ability Crafts. The melt required 700 W and 170 units steel.

Is there a steel mod for RimWorld?

In fact, there are many mods, will help you to keep your steel household upright. With the Mod Cheaper Components for RimWorld production costs are reduced. So you have to use less steel. Another mod called Industrialization is killing you aluminum and copper in the game. Especially copper is almost as strong as iron, and may instead be used.


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