remove content in iTunes from iPhone

With the download of iTunes users to download content from their own library easily to the iPhone to have thus prepared the move the collected media works. But at some point of time at which the memory of the iOS device to coming to an end is coming. Read here how her music and apps to iTunes from the iPhone.

Deleting Music and Apps in iTunes is advisable when the internal memory is bulging or you for what would be a new just once again open. About iTunes you can remove content from the iPhone with a few clicks.

Remove music in iTunes from iPhone

For this, the iPhone must first be connected via a USB cable using iTunes. To delete songs in iTunes from the iPhone, you select the device in question left from the iTunes sidebar. Now select the "Music" menu. If the box "Sync Music" at set, including standing option "The entire music library" is disabled for the corresponding option "Selected playlists, artists, albums and genres" selected. Now a new area in the window where all music content lists that are on the iPhone appears. Remove the check mark from the artists, playlists and albums that are to be removed.

In iTunes remove the iPhonecan be removed in iTunes music from iPhone on the device management

During the next synchronization of the iPhone to the computer the selected content from the iOS device will be deleted.

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Remove apps in iTunes from iPhone

To remove apps in iTunes from the iPhone, you have to proceed somewhat differently. Chooses instead the iOS device the overview of apps from the left sidebar. Now all your available apps are listed. To remove one, you click right and select the "Delete" option.

Remove iTunes iPhone functionRemoves iPhone in iTunes apps from the media library and then sync your iOS device

iTunes asks before deleting the security if the app is actually to be removed. Confirmed her this, another query, would like to know in iTunes if the app are only deleted from the library or to hike the entire file into the Trash. Do you want the app at a later point in time to the iPhone install, you should here choose "Keep". As with the music, the deleted content during the next synchronization of iTunes and iPhone are removed from the iOS device.


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