Stamps make yourself and print it: Find it at Deutsche Post

Even in times of WhatsApp and emails million letters be sent daily. Who wants to prepare his loved ones a surprise or even want to give to something to smile about his eBay buyers can be personalized stamps, print out and glue on the envelope.

Stamps make yourself and print it: Find it at Deutsche PostSource: Agnes Kantaruk

The German post itself provides the ability to create custom stamps and to use them for the next mail delivery.

Stamps in eFiliale*

Stamps make themselves and print

Who wants to send a letter in a timely manner, can design their stamps online via the eFiliale * and print directly, cut out and glue on the envelope. In the selection of brand value, the button will "By design". Once selected, you can browse through different categories here from different motives. The corresponding image is then mapped to the left of the QR code on the online stamp created. You can find here, among others Motifs from the following areas:

  • Greetings, Festivals, Holidays
  • automobile
  • games
  • Easter
  • Landscapes and nature
  • people
  • animals

stamps-even Styler onlineImmediately after the order process the stamps can be printed with the selected subject. Unfortunately own pictures can not be selected.

buy stamps online

Stamps make itself with its own image

Those who want even more individual, should the offer of post-individually *Stamps make yourself and print it: Find it at Deutsche Post stop by Deutsche Post. Here Stamps are available at a fixed value even with your own pictures. The own motives can be printed on stamps with different postage values. An arch made up of ten or 20 stamps per sheet different images can be uploaded and displayed on the stamp.

  • The stamps featuring a picture is self-adhesive stamps.
  • Stamp Size: 33 mm x 55 mm, creation area per brand: 27 mm x 32 mm


For the web site request motifs can be uploaded as an image file in JPEG or TIFF format. The minimum order is one sheet of ten self-adhesive, self-made stamps. In addition to the postage value for the brands a handling fee per sheet falls on, delivery costs are, however, not calculated.

We show you also how to einreichhen complaint with the German post office and how to determine the value of his stamp collection online.


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