DVB-T2 received via iPad and Co.: Mobile antenna television

Who after the final DVB-T disengagement still Terrestrial Television would need a compatible receiver. But the manufacturers are prepared already for the new standard and there is DVB-T2 receiver for iPad, iPhone and other Apple mobile devices? We'll tell you if you antenna and DVB-T2 sticks can buy for their own stuff.

For freenet TV subscription for DVB-T2 HD TV*

Do you want to receive DVB-T2 mobile and upgraded by simply stick your iPad to your TV? Are there the right app to download? We show you what you should know in the new era of Anntennenfernsehens.

67674What is DVB-T2?

So can you DVB-T2 with iPad Air received

Will you also on your tablet television, DVB-T receiver should since March 31, 2017 support the new standard H.265. Because then launched the new high-definition television service with the transmission in metropolitan areas. The compatibility you recognize the green DVB-T2 HD Logo on the packaging of the product. At the latest in 2019, the predecessor DVB-T switched off in Germany and no longer be received in the rural areas.

Addiction already a suitable DVB-T2 receiver for your iPad, iPad Air or iPhone, you can her the official USB TV stick of freenet TV to grab.

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The associated freenet TV software for Mac OS is currently still in beta version, which may affect the smooth playback.

there are currently too few USB sticks for mobile Android devices on the market. To receive the private channels in HD resolution via antenna on your iPad, then you need one freenet TV subscription *. More pricing model you read our article: DVB-T2 costs and frequencies: Tips on television with freenet TV.

Switch on ARD, ZDF and other unencrypted channels: DVB-T2 HD

Do you want only the public TV channels via DVB-T2 HD on your iPad, iPhone or other Apple devices received, you can also resort to sticks from other manufacturers. Full HD TV with channels such as ARD and ZDF provides you for example, the TVButler USB TV stick of DVBLogic *DVB-T2 received via iPad and Co.: Mobile antenna television to disposal. The hybrid model allows you not only DVB-T2 HD, but also cable TV received, if you are cable customer. The tuner lets you:

  • delayed Watching television (Timeshift)
  • View up to 4 parallel live TV in your home network
  • obtain additional information via Electronic Program Guide
  • PC, Raspberry PI and a network hard drive (NAS) to use DVB-T2 TV

Selected here in any case the Server version, because their otherwise the article "Tuner only" yet have to download the software including license. We also have tips for you on how you can set up your NAS server.

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Do you want to receive on your iPad DVB-T2 transmitter now you need on your mobile device, the app "DVBLink *DVB-T2 received via iPad and Co.: Mobile antenna television". After downloading it your iOS device binds easily in the same network as the PC / Raspberry Pi / NAS.

DVBLinkdownloadQR codeDVBLinkDeveloper: DVBLogic *Price: Free

DVB-T2 received via iPad and Co.: Mobile antenna television

Alternatives to mobile terrestrial television

Has its no contract, to view wired the TV program, there's a quick fix: Thanks to numerous streaming provider brings ye television directly on your Smart TV, PC, Mac or even your mobile device such as iPhone, tablet and Co .. requirement is a mobile Internet connection or a connection with the local WLAN. Some providers that transmit to you the live television on your desire device are:

  • Magine TV *
  • TV Spielfilm live *
  • Zattoo
  • Waipu

Magine TV - Live TVdownloadQR codeMagine TV - Live TVDeveloper: MaginePrice: Free Magine TV - Live Online TVdownloadQR codeMagine TV - Live Online TVDeveloper: Magine Holding AB *Price: Free

How it works Magine TV:

47544Magine TV: Online TV easily

Usually you have a free trial period in which you can see both the public broadcasters and the private TV programs. Do you want to finish no streaming subscription, you can switch to the cable provider or switch to satellite television.

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