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With the word processor Writer from OpenOffice download to set up a functioning solution for creating custom text documents on the computer. Due to the functionality of the program, many features are not as easy to find at first glance. Here you learn how to work in OpenOffice with footers.

OpenOffice: Insert Footer, Page Setup and remove numbers

Are individual pages with footers, there recurring information can be entered. Creating the footer after observing the notes an Open Office easy.

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paste it into OpenOffice documents footers

Creating an OpenOffice footer is done in a few steps. Gets this in OpenOffice Writer the "Insert" menu on the menu bar and select an appropriate option "footer". Now already the footer finds himself on all sides of the selected format. In these may formatting for all sides. B. recurring information is input, z. As the title of the document or chapter.

  • Footers can be found, as the name suggests, the bottom of the document again.
  • To insert the footer, proceed as follows:
  • Selected in the menu bar &Paste; # 8220&# 8221; -&Footer; # 8221&# 8221 ;.
  • In the bottom of the page footer appears.
  • These can be filled with text.
  • The content entered will be displayed on all sides with the same style.
  • The footer is suitable for. As for address, title, page numbers etc.
  • Changes to a footer on all pages are transferred.


In contrast to the footnote, the footer created in OpenOffice is not suitable for entering information for the appropriate page of importance for. B. Sources. For this, the "footnote" feature should be used. you want in exceptional cases a different content in the footer enter added before the footer on "Insert-Manual Break" a page break and selects there a page template that is different from the current one. Now in the footer content able to be entered that are not included in the remaining footers.

openoffice-head line-different

OpenOffice: footers with page numbers

Footers are ideal to place recurring elements on z. As page numbers. Plotting the page numbers manually in the footer, but unfortunately the same value for all footers is assumed equal. That is, give her for the first page in the footer of a "1", the "1" on all other pages is displayed in the footer.

This can be remedied the Inserting a field command. "Insert Field command" can be different data insert into the document, including page numbers. These are displayed in the footer and automatically counted. Of course, several field commands in the OpenOffice footer can be combined with each other. If you want to exclude certain pages from the page numbering, eg. As a cover page or table of contents, then a different style must be chosen for the respective sides.

OpenOffice: Remove Footers

Of course you can even insert footers again delete.

  1. Click for deleting the footer in OpenOffice in the menu bar &Paste; # 8220&# 8221 ;.
  2. redial &Footer; # 8220&# 8221 ;.
  3. Removes the check in &# 8220; Standard&# 8221; and confirmed the message by &# 8220; OK&# 8221 ;.

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