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Skat against the computer or on the Internet

What do Skat and arm wrestling have in common? Both can not alone make one. At least meets the clearly on arm wrestling. Thanks to such PC games such as CK-Skat can not only play Skat wonderfully alone, but while still exercising his skills.

CK-Skat online, offline and play against the computer

disappoint many Skatprogramme for the PC. Although the PC knows the rules, but there is not very flexible. And tactical game that can not speak often. For CK-Skat is significantly different. How ever much is different about this game. It starts with a game strong computer opponent, who takes on the role of the other two players on request. Here, the program naturally abide by the rules of international skat federation. But usual &# 8220; deviations&# 8221 ;, such as counterpoint / R and Bock rounds, the player can activate.

in the &Normal mode; # 8220&# 8221 ;, so offline, you play against two virtual opponents. And even as a beginner you can play with CK-Skat, as the program introduces us to the game, gives us any time tips and even suggesting certain refinements which one attains otherwise only with a certain routine. To have from the very first moment the right skate feel, the program used to display the sheet standard cards with which to play usual in the pub or the club.

The CK-Skat Community

If you want to make fullest the game so right and play against real, though not present, opponents, then you go online with CK-Skat! The program then accesses a game server on the Internet, where you will meet in a sense virtually to chat with each other, discuss and especially to play. There we meet players of all classes and can play us in the statistics up. Alternatively, it is also possible the way to play CK-Skat over the network. So case, it is for some reason not able to sit down together to a game at a table, this program provides a nice alternative.

A fairly extensive help function in the Internet service to properly adjust everything in the router and PC to be able to participate in the online games. With CK-Skat so you can solve the problem of missing players quite simple and learns maybe even know the people with whom you can meet sometimes to a real game.

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