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The Nokia Tune, also known as Nokia Tune is probably the most popular ringtones in the world. Even though he now has more than 20 years under his belt, he is still inseparable from the image of Nokia. In the following article we tell you where the ringing originates. We also show you where you can download the ringtone.

Nokia Tune - A Brief History

  • The first time the world heard the Nokia Tune in a commercial for the Nokia 1011 mobile phone - but only for 3 seconds.
  • the ringtone was first delivered in 1994 and that with the Nokia 2110. There he but was known under the name Type 7 because he simply was one of several ringtones.
  • With the launch of the Nokia 6110 1996 of the Nokia Tune for the first time got a name. The title: Gran Valse.
  • In 1999, he was eventually renamed the Nokia Tune. From this point, he was considered a hallmark of Nokia.
  • The Nokia Tune is still extremely popular: An opinion poll of 2010, according to, the distinctive melody is heard worldwide 1.8 billion times a day, that makes 20,000 Nokia ringtones per second.

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Nokia Tune - Who is the true inventor?

The Nokia Tune was invented not by Nokia, but is much older. Conceived to the ringtone is a man who has nothing to do with technology and mobile phones the least.

  • The melody of the ring tone is from the pen of the famous Spanish guitarist and composer Francisco Tarrega.
  • The ringtone is an excerpt from the composition Gran Valse en La Mayor (Great Waltz in A-flat major), one of the most popular compositions for the classical guitar.
  • Gran Valse in 1902 was composed.
Nokia Tune notesThe Nokia Tune in musical notation &# 8211; in the original the last melody note will sound two octaves lower. Source: Wikipedia

The piece You can watch in the interpretation of guitarist Anika Hutschreuther in the following video &# 8211; the ringtone heard her from second 12:23.

Where is the ringtone for download?

The Nokia Tune is extremely popular even today: the white and Nokia. Although the company now belongs to Microsoft, the ringtone is one still to the legacy of Nokia. Friendly manner, the Nokia design team, therefore, a complete collection of old and new Nokia ringtones on the portal sound cloud. To download the Collection, you've got to just one free registration - all the ringtones are offered in MP3 format and can therefore be played on any device, such as on the iPhone. Also read how you can create a ringtone for iPhone itself.

Source Product Image: Nokia