Write the high-2 characters in Word, OpenOffice and LibreOffice

Especially in the field of school and university you need the high-2 character, the superscript 2 constantly. There will rejoice sure not even have a special trick is needed because it is located on the keyboard.

Write the high-2 characters in Word, OpenOffice and LibreOffice

You seek the high-2 character in Word? I watch you your keyboard more closely! In the number bar above the letters, the number left is two. And if you hinseht accurate, then two more characters to discover on this button. The quote, which you achieved with the Shift key. And a small second This is it, the high two-button! You can use them by ye simultaneously with the key AltGr presses, which the right of the space bar located. This is also true for the High-3-mark, focused on the Three key is located and with it e.g. (Cubic meters) can write.

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High-2 characters and other superscript font in Word, OpenOffice and LibreOffice

As convenient as it is that her High-2 characters on the keyboard place a superscript font are sometimes yes also to other facilities needed. One example is a superscript copyright sign. Instead SuperIdee3000 © perhaps you would rather write SuperIdee3000 © ?! No problem.

hoch2-sign-wordHigh-2 characters and other superscript font in Word

So you go in Microsoft Word in front:

  1. Writes as normal, what you want to write. Then marks the characters to be high.
  2. Now click, as seen in the image above in Menu tab Start on the small Icon with the fat X and a superscript 2. Optionally, you can also the key combination Ctrl and + (plus key) use.
  3. All selected characters, whole words and numbers are formatted now high.
high-two-character-libreofficeHigh 2 characters in LibreOffice or Open Office

at LibreOffice and OpenOffice it works very similar:

  1. Here, too, you write first quite normal.
  2. Then, the hochzustellende part is highlighted.
  3. Then you click on the top menu Icon of a fat with lifted a blue b. Again, there is a hotkeyThe combination of Ctrl + H. (Can you remember well - H = high.)
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Subscript numbers and letters in Word and Co.

Subscript numbers and letters are also needed, but this time not as easy as the high-2 character on the keyboard to enter. However, both Word and OpenOffice and LibreOffice again have a special character in the menu bar for this. As described in the previous section, you write first and then marks the part to be subscript this time. Then you click the top menu on the appropriate icon. at Word is it a Fat X subscript 2. at LibreOffice and OpenOffice again thick with a subscript b.

The corresponding hotkeys:

Word: Ctrl and #

LibreOffice and OpenOffice: Ctrl and T.

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