DHL package does not matter: this can be done

sold or who stuff online wants to surprise distant friends can send goods with a package about the provider of Deutsche Post DHL. In general, the packet arrives after a few days at the receiver. Unfortunately, it is quite possible that a shipment is lost in transit or blaspheme in coming days or weeks.

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420252These 5 things you should know about the DHL

Here you learn what you can do when a DHL package will not arrive. Frequently there are delays, if the destination address was not entered unreadable or wrong. Especially when sending abroad should calculate possible delivery delays.

Help, my DHL package does not matter!

  • To ensure that a package of DHL can be tracked during shipment, you should choose at which you will receive a tracking number one shipping method.
  • With the Sendungsnummmer you can track the shipment process of DHL package online.
  • Give her a package in the store from, you will receive the tracking number on a receipt.
  • Do you use the web site of the eFiliale *, about to leave packages online franking, the shipment number is stored in the order confirmation.
  • To find out where the package is located, this opens the website of the DHL shipment tracking.
  • Give there the tracking number into the appropriate field.
  • Note that the data is not entered in real time, but are usually updated once in the evening.
  • Here you can now see whether the package has already been picked up by the delivery company, admitted or parcel center already issued or filed with neighbors.
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DHL-broadcast-trackDHL package: track and investigate

If the parcel six days and two weeks have still not arrived at international shipments after the expected date of delivery to the recipient, you can submit an investigation request with DHL.

  • DHL package does not matter: this can be doneInvite this down the investigation request in PDF format.
  • Fills the order. Here must, inter alia, the consignment number and the contents of the package including the value to be specified.
  • Thus, the value of goods and products is contained in the package can be refunded, must be a proof for. B. be settled in the form of a receipt or a document with the DHL-investigation request.
  • The investigation request is available for shipments in Germany and for international shipments.
  • Fills the request from the PC such. As with Adobe Reader and sends this [email protected] by e-mail to [email protected], respectively.
  • Of course, the DHL investigation request can also be printed and filled out by hand.
  • then sends to this: DHL Vertriebs GmnH, Customer Service Center, 22795 Hamburg.
  • Fax the application to: 01803-002600.
  • Detailed information can be found at the DHL Hotline customer service.

With us you learn how to enter a packing station address correctly. We also show you how you can buy stamps online and print them on the PC. Also interesting: How can you reach the German Post Hotline?


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