Fallout 4: catch creatures and death claws and tame

With the DLC &# 8220; WasteLand Workshop&# 8221; did you in Fallout 4 now have the opportunity to catch all the creatures of the wasteland and tame. This includes even the death claws, which makes it with the right case to tame lap animal that roams like a huge guard dog by your settlements. In our guide, we tell you all you have to catch her to know and taming of monsters.

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The new Traps and cages in Fallout 4: Wasteland Workshop give you new possibilities in the game. So you can catch, tame them and to pit as in the equally new arenas against each other every creature. But how this feature works exactly and how you catch yourself about deathclaws? Our guide has the answers!

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Fallout 4: Catch monsters and tame &# 8211; Basics

After ye the DLC &# 8220; WasteLand Workshop&# 8221; have downloaded and started, you will be the new category cages in the Workshop menu your settlements notice. Here you can find cages of various sizes and shapes, all of which are intended for different creatures and even humans. Here you following people, creatures and animals can catch:

  • cats
  • dogs
  • mutant dogs
  • wild ghouls
  • mole rats
  • Gunner
  • insects
  • Raider
  • Super Mutants
  • Brahmins
  • deathclaws
  • Mirelurks
  • RAD scorpions
  • RAD-deer
  • Yao Guais

For each type you need another cage. In addition, you have to repair it after a successful catch the cages. Her it represents the best in your settlements, which have a high conservation value, because increases to be attacked chance with every monster in your settlement. On a related note, that it can come in a settlement to friction between two different species. They will attack and kill each other when you meet proper precautions.

Creatures tame with the Beta Wave Emitter

The capture of monsters is just the first step. So you may be able to tame, you need to Beta Wave Emitter, the you can build on the workshop menu. To build it, must have learned the following perks:

falllout-4-perks-charisma-animal friendsRequires 5 points at charismaAnimal Friends: You have the chance to calm animals when it is aimed at them.
falllout-4-perks-charisma-wasteland WhisperRequires 9 points at charismaWasteland Whisperer: You have the chance to calm a wasteland creature, if you aim at them.

then for the actual construction of their needs a generator for the power supply and the following materials:

  • 5x copper
  • 8x aluminum 
  • 4x crystal
  • 3x circuits
  • 5x Nuclear Material
  • 2x rubber

Where have these resources can find all you read in our guide: recycle scrap: Fallout 4 &# 8211; so you can find all the materials and ingredients that you need

Alternatively, you can put in between still power pylons with switching mechanism.Alternatively, you can put in between still power pylons with switching mechanism.

So catch and tame her a creature

  1. Goes into a well-guarded settlement of you and selects the Workshop menu the creature want to catch her cage to build from.
  2. Placed the cage. also be noted that each cage Meat as bait needed.
  3. now selects in the cages the sub-item various and selects the Beta Wave Emitter out.
  4. Placed it near your cage.
  5. now even building a generator next to the power supply.
  6. Now connects the Beta Wave emitter and the cage with the generator.
  7. Now your animal trap is completely built.
  8. Lie down now sleep for 24 hours. This should never last longer than a week, until you have caught a monster. So Lie down again to sleep and waits until the cage is full.
  9. Return to your village and you should have made a catch.

Thanks to the Beta Wave emitter you can open the cage safely. The tamed creature comes out of his cage and walk through your settlement. Now you can use them to protect your settlement or as a fighter in the arena.

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catch Todeskralle &# 8211; so is&# 8217; s

As a player, it gives you of course not satisfied with the flock, but want equal the really big monsters like the catch Todeskralle. Here, the process here is no different. As you begin a Todeskralle and tames shows you the following YouTube video.

With us you will also find all new Achievements and Trophies of Wasteland workshop and an overview of the new survival mode.

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