Instagram: How do I find the ID out?

Each account has its own individual name and ID. The name of the user has the choice itself and also change over time. The ID, however, is assigned to the user and stays for each account also always the same. We tell you in this article, what possibilities there are to find out the ID.

Interfaces allow the integration of a Instagram profile. For known content management systems like WordPress, there are certain plugins that an entire account can be installed. In most cases, for the account ID required. These are not found but unfortunately in the settings of your own profile.

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The ID out by Tool

Just because you can not just its ID nachgucken in his Instagram settings and profile information, tools have been developed for this:

In this page you have to do is enter their user name, press a button and you get his ID.

This is the easiest way to get at his ID. But there is a second way that requires a few more steps.

These products help you to Instagram continues:

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find out the Instagram ID itself

  1. Goes to Instagram page and logged you a.
  2. Then clicks the right mouse button and select "Examine" from.
  3. then go on your own profile by clicking on the icon at the upper right on the desktop.
  4. Click on "Console".Instagram_ID
  5. Taps now in the console box, type the command "window._sharedData.entry_data.ProfilePage [0]" and confirmed by pressing Enter.
  6. You will now appear under your ID in red color one line.
  7. In the event that appears you an error message, your URL checks in the browser. It is important that it looks like this:

Have you helped the solutions? Do you know other ways? Schriebt us what you think in the comments.


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