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After Ocean Horn is available for other platforms for some time, is now also entering an Android version. In particular, Zelda fans should bring joy to the title.

Ocean Horn: Zelda clone now available for Android

Originally published in 2013 Ocean Horn for iOS. This was followed by a PC and most recently Xbox and Playstation versions. Now Android users can enjoy the action-adventure. The loving implementation and considerable game world is particularly noteworthy. In several hours of play, it is important to unravel the mystery about the missing father of the protagonist.

Prime Zelda clone

It is striking undoubtedly Waker the unmistakable resemblance to the Zelda series and especially the part of the wind. However, a cheap copy it is not - Ocean Horn collected since the start of consistently good reviews and is expected to appeal to casual gamers as well as fans of the Zelda series. The first rank of Ocean horn can be played for free, then once 5,99 € due to the start - more in-app purchases does not exist. On top of that supports the title Cloud Sync and Android TV including controller.

Ocean Horn ™downloadQR codeOcean Horn ™Developer: FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KGPrice: Free

Source: FDG Entertainment, Mobiflip

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