iOS 11 is here! Download and install, so you go

Just shortly after 19 am, Apple iOS has released the final version. 11 What you absolutely must be aware for download and installation? All the important points - after a short presentation of the system in the video.

The top 5 features of iOS in the video:

63417Five top features in iOS 11

1. Can I install iOS 11 on my device?
From now on the iPhone 5 and 5c can not be operated with the latest system for the first time, iOS 11 is compatible only from the iPhone 5s. iPad Air and iPad mini 2 are the oldest supported tablets. The complete list, see iOS 11: Compatible iPhones & iPads.

2. Do I want to install iOS 11?
Strange question? Not this year! Who is forced to use apps that did not get an update a few years, is 11 probably do not want to install iOS: In the new system, 32-bit applications can not be opened. A look at the settings -> General -> Info -> Apps reveals which outdated apps installed on the iOS device.

Also: Chance there was with the fix problems on individual devices or wireless carriers. In Austria, the provider will recommend three customers to postpone the update to correct a problem. Who wants to play it safe, waiting a few days to install and observes the messages as to GIGA. The last beta release was in any case well.

3. Create a Backup
A backup should invest regularly - at the latest before the migration. In the settings -> iCloud -> This device turn on the iCloud backup, or connect iPhone to the computer and back up through iTunes.

Start Photogallery(15 images)iOS for iPhone 11: 11 top innovations for the first tour

4. Storage Please Clear
The memory requirement for the iOS installation depends on the device. Probably 2 gigabytes of free space will be meaningful. When it is running, delete individual large apps temporarily from the iPhone and / or download the IOS update via iTunes.

ready 5. Place the code of the SIM card
This code must be entered after the installation to get the cellular connection. The lock code of the device and the Apple ID you need anyway.

6. Lightning cable ready set
Connect the iPhone to update to the outlet. A fully charged iPad is likely to perform the installation without cables.

Download iOS 11

The download file can be loaded via iTunes or directly on iPhone and iPad. The systems will draw attention to the update. If you install iOS 11 a few hours earlier search, manually ...

  • on the iOS device in the settings -> General -> Software Update or
  • in iTunes on the side of the device. ITunes Gift has valid and the device be connected to the computer.

The file is less than 2 gigabytes in size. A little patience when downloading is required. How about in the meantime with a view to the iPhone X? Here in the video:

167104iPhone X in the Hands-On

Problems downloading iOS 11

Despite public beta tens of thousands of iPhone and iPad users are likely (19 to 20 September 2017) want to load IOS 11 in today's night. In previous years, Apple servers and Internet connections came as the limits. The result: The download was correspondingly slow, or even came the message: "The check for updates failed". A few hours later it should run better.

Installing iOS 11

Also for the installation itself should give iPhone and iPad some time. It may be that you can not use it for half an hour or even an hour. In a black screen, incidentally, not panic. and definitely not deduct wait the Lightning cable. already regarded the iPhone 8? Here in the video:

47036iPhone 8 (plus) in the Hands-On

Ready to install - then what?

iOS 11 starts - as the previous systems - with a few questions for locating, Apple ID, etc. Then you can already use the new features, see for example:

  • iOS 11: Top Features for iPhone
  • iOS 11: Top features for iPad

On the following page, the information on the installation of additional betas:


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