Dying Light: All Achievements and Trophies – Guide to 100%

The zombie adventure with parkour elements Dying Light gets soon the new DLC &# 8220; The Following&# 8221; donated. In addition to new content such as the buggies to drive yourself there to reap new successes and trophies. We show you all the Achievements of the action adventure in the overview.

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The new DLC &# 8220; The Following&# 8221; appears at February 9, 2016 for all versions of the survival adventure. After the DLCs &# 8220; Free Running Fever&# 8221; and &# 8220; The Horde Bozak&# 8221; This is the third expansion for Dying Light. Reason enough you a guide with the new and all other Successes and trophies to give to the hand.

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Dying Light: all achievements and trophies Overview

With all the DLCs there together 68 Achievements (69 trophies on the PlayStation 4to snag) in Dying Light. The new DLC &# 8220; The Following&# 8221; added to the main game 10 new achievements, where it comes, for example, to run over 500 zombies with vehicles or destroying 50 scarecrows. A complete Table with all successes and trophies you see below in the table.

Attention! For spoiler reasons, we have listed the secret achievements and trophies in a separate table below.
symbol  success Gamerscore trophy 
the-discuss-we-the-next-timesWe discuss next time.-platinum
Collect all the trophies in the game.
the whole storyThe whole storygamerscore-100gold
Does all the jobs.
a-high-on-the-airliftHere's to the airliftgamer core 10bronze
Recover 5 aid packages.
all-in-same-boatAll in the same boatgamer core 10bronze
Rescues 15 survivors from the undead.
the-human-is-of the-human-wolfMan is a wolf to mangamer core 10bronze
Rescues 15 survivors before Rais' henchmen.
hunter-and-huntedHunters and the huntedgamerscore-25silver
Bring 5 Flüchter the route.
courier-and-fighterCourier and fightersgamerscore-25silver
Successfully completes all Wendigkeits- and power challenges.
7-brings-luck7 brings luckgamerscore-25bronze
Completes 15 co-op matches.
the games-of-harranThe games of Harrangamerscore-25bronze
Take part in 10 co-op matches.
sale talentsales talentgamer core 10bronze
Sold items with a total value of $ 10,000.
Closes all quarantine zones successfully.
a-certain-degree-of-safetyA certain degree of securitygamerscore-25silver
Take one all security zones.
Run and / or run a distance of at least a total of 42,195 meters.
mount everestMount Everestgamerscore-25silver
Overcomes a vertical distance of at least a total of 8848 meters.
overcoming thingovercoming thinggamer core-5bronze
Kill your first infected.
max-dillon-can-greetMax Dillon says hellogamer core 10bronze
Added 5 monsters simultaneously an electric shock.
people one-by-elliot-nessOne of Eliot Ness&8217; People?gamerscore-25bronze
Kill 20 enemies in a row without taking damage.
gives-wiiiiiings&# 8230; gives wiiiiiings!gamerscore-25bronze
Kill 100 enemies by her they stoßt by passage of roofs and the like.
unbearable-halitosisUnbearable halitosisgamerscore-25silver
Kill a shadow hunter.
sweet DreamsSweet Dreamsgamerscore-25bronze
Bring a screamer silenced.
already-throughEven through?gamer core 10bronze
Impaling a burning zombie on skewers.
from-the-shoulderOff the Shouldergamer core 10bronze
Kill 50 enemies with thrown weapons.
from-the-hipFrom the Hipgamer core 10bronze
Kill 50 enemies with firearms.
nice-sizzle-leavelet sizzle nicelygamer core 10bronze
Let 25 opponents fall into the electric fence trap.
lichtgestaltshining lightgamer core 10bronze
Hides 25 Schattenjäger with the flashlight.
in-the-tradition-of-auditoresIn the tradition of Auditoregamer core 10bronze
Kills 25 enemies means GroundNPound or jump attack.
on-the-mat-setplaced on the matgamer core 10bronze
Werft 50 enemies with the throwing technique.
one-year-special-nightA very special nightgamerscore-25silver
Survived one night tracking the level 2 or higher.
EnlightenmentEnlightenmentgamer core 10bronze
Let 25 enemies fall into the light trap.
do it yourself-will-be-learnedYourself to be learnedgamer core 10bronze
Done at your first article.
the handyman-kingThe Home Improvementgamerscore-25bronze
Used designs at least 100 times.
flairTactgamer core 10bronze
Cracks successful 10 locks.
like-a-colorful-dogLike a sore thumbgamer core 10bronze
Increases survival your rank to level. 9
a-living-legendA living legendgamerscore-25silver
Increases your status at level 18th
Increases your maneuverability at level 10th
Increases your strength on stage 10th
history collectorshistory collectorsgamerscore-25silver
Finds all collectibles.
rely on merely on megamer core 10bronze
Closes in co-op missions successfully.
The-man-so-called polyamorous&# 8220; polyamorous&# 8221; So it's calledgamer core 15bronze
Closes at a meeting 5 missions in co-op from the same three partners.
Italian-plumberItalian plumbergamer core 10bronze
Kills an enemy with a wrench (skip, then jump attack).
the-sword-gabrielThe blade Gabrielgamer core 10bronze
Adds a sword or a KHOPESH added Fire Mod.
air-stopHolding Breathgamerscore-25bronze
Jumps at night from the bridge of shame (slums) into the water.

Secret Achievements and trophies

symbol  success Gamerscore trophy 
of Flight of the crane-The flight of the cranegamer core 10bronze
Takes the plunge from the crane.
my-left-or-your-leftMy left or your left?gamer core 15bronze
Meet up with Rais.
snake-in-the-grassSnake in the Grassgamer core 15bronze
Escapes from the arena.
Reached the Old Town.
the-face-of-townThe face of the citygamerscore-25bronze
Shows the outside world that you are still alive.
Done Tahir.
access-grantedaccess grantedgamerscore-25bronze
Finds Camden.
fear of heightsfear of heightsgamerscore-25bronze
Activates the signal amplifier.
bittersweetBittersweetgamer core 50gold
Finish the game successfully.

Dying Light - Weapons: beatings and shooters in the overview

DLC &# 8220; Free Running Fever&# 8221 ;: Achievements and Trophies

symbol  success Gamerscore trophy 
the-young-of-race-couldThe boy who could rungamerscore-25bronze
Closes all Parkour Fever challenges successfully.
fucking-parkour-trainerDamn Parkour coachgamerscore-25bronze
Closes all Parkour Fever challenges successfully at night.
pearls-before-the-sowsPearls before swinegamer core 10bronze
Opens 5 GRE crates to the quarantine zones.

DLC &# 8220; The Horde Bozak&# 8221 ;: Achievements and Trophies

symbol  success Gamerscore trophy 
fang-the-BozakCatch the Bozakgamerscore-25gold
Closes Bozaks challenge successfully.
common-bis-to-circuitTogether to the endgamer core 10silver
Survived until the very end.
crackle-in-the-airCrackle in the airgamer core 20silver
Learn how to make electric arrows.
rambo-be-proudRambo would be proudgamer core 20silver
Learn how to make explosive arrows.
trick shottrick shotgamerscore-25bronze
Achieved against Rais' men 10 headshots with bow and arrow.

DLC &# 8220; The Following&# 8221 ;: Achievements and Trophies

symbol  success Gamerscore trophy 
have-it-angst-wet-to-beAre you afraid to get wet?tbabronze
Plunges into the rural idyll.
they-want-it-orYou liked him, right?tbabronze
Celebrating a reunion with your old friend.
I--so-long waited-on-you-I have waited so long for youtbasilver
Become a Faceless.
sweaty-palmsSweaty palms?tbabronze
Kill a rammer with a car.
Sun-was hard-the-but-not-even-orAs hard as that was not, right?tbabronze
Bilal wins the race.
and-when-they-be-different-decided-And if you had changed your mind?tbasilver
Does that nevertheless simply times.
I-your-contemporary-feel-I have felt your presencetbabronze
Attends the meeting of the Community.
they-know-that-are-there-only points-orYou know that there are only points, right?tbabronze
Driver Level Achieved 12th
formidophobisch-interestingFormidophobisch? Interesting&# 8230;tbabronze
Destroy 50 scarecrows.
I-cheap-not-mindless-funI approve no mindless pleasuretbabronze
Kill 500 zombies with the vehicle.

The thing with the indexing or why zombies and men are equal before the law

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