Samsung Galaxy S7: Serious vulnerability allows tricking the Factory Reset Protection

Security is a promise that must be observed not always possible. In the case of Samsung and Google assured by the Factory Reset Protection protection against unauthorized access seems to be not given. With a little tinkering, the entire security mechanism of Android can in fact be avoided - to see the Galaxy S7.

Samsung Galaxy S7: Serious vulnerability allows tricking the Factory Reset Protection

The so-called Factory Reset Protection (short: FRP) is a feature that Google once introduced with Android 5.1 Lollipop. It is basically just that a smartphone respectively Tablet asks to factory settings after the login data of the previously registered Google accounts despite reset. This is designed to prevent theft, especially since a stolen Android device thus during the Factory reset is useless. By the way: It is not recommended to change the password of your Google account before a scheduled resetting a device - the result is that the user is locked out for security for 72 hours.

Samsung Galaxy S7: Factory Reset Protection can be bypassed

The YouTuber RootJunky is now able to handle said Factory Reset Protection on a Samsung Galaxy S7. This requires not even a special tool, but only a little patience, tact and basic knowledge of the Android OS. Over several detours to RootJunky could register via the browser with a new Google account on the phone and tricking the setup process at a later stage. The exact procedure explains the following video:

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Other devices may also be affected

It's been striking in how the Galaxy S7 opens gradually and gives access to various functions, although the FRP mechanism would actually fall. Who is to blame for this vulnerability is not unique. The actual implementation is finally thing Samsung and certain steps are probably due to the TouchWiz software. However, the Galaxy S7 is not the first device, the Factory Reset Protection yields. How RootJunky shows in another video, the Nexus 6P with the latest developer preview of Android N same vulnerability on - here it is, of course unfinished software, Bug is therefore excusable to a certain point.

We hope that Samsung and Google will take the issue very soon and plug the security hole.

Source: RootJunky @YouTube

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