CCN4: When is the release?

CCN3 appeared in 2015 &# 8211; as a solo project of the Berlin rapper Bushido. One or another rift among former rapper colleagues was probably a collaboration in the way. But as it is with CCN4? When is it coming out? And it is the next time a collabo album?

CCN1 us CCN2 belong to two of the most successful and hip-hop history-making albums of the last 20 years. Bushido and Fler rapping under the pseudonyms and Sonny Black Frank White about what makes up the gangsta rap as: Difficult living conditions, living in suburbs, drug trafficking and violence.

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A solo career ...

CCN did not charted, but established a legend that was continued seven years later with CCN2. Then it was however difficult. Hip-hop fans have to say nothing of the beef between Fler and Bushido. go through the events step by step, would go beyond the scope of this article. So it's no surprise that CCN3 is a pure solo album of Bushido, where sometimes the rappers are dissed, with whom he has previously worked closely - such as Kay One and Fler.

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CCN4 as a revival of Frank White and Sony Black?

But just about every fan wants CCN4 as a collabo album of Bushido and Fler. After the release of CCN3 both Bushido Fler as also were interviewed separately, as the opportunities for further collaboration are. Both speak in any case together again - the fronts do not seem so hardened to be as before.

Opposite betrayed Fler 2016 that there are talks between the two over collabo projects. He has also mentioned that a new cooperation will not appear in the form of CCN4. He said it is something "special". What exactly is meant by that, of course, was not betrayed. In mid-April until Fler posted on his Instagram profile a picture of the old days of him and Bushido:


A contribution divided by Fler (@ official.fler) on April 13, 2017 at 6:41 PM

Whether this is an allusion to the good old days that are revived to be seen times. Either way, we will inform you if there is news about a possible collaboration between Bushido and Fler.

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