Bottleneck at the computer: Explanation and solutions

Bottleneck - Each of his computer from time to time, rearming, has the term probably heard before. But what does that actually mean? In the following guide, we dedicate ourselves to this question. We explain what is a bottleneck and can where the cause of a bottleneck are. Connect we deliver you a solution proposals yet to eliminate the problem Bottleneck.

Bottleneck at the computer: Explanation and solutions

Bottleneck - What is it?

An old proverb says: A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. This saying also applies to PCs. Your computer is only as powerful as its weakest subsystem. A calculator is something simple terms of four components:

  • CPU
  • graphic card
  • hard disk
  • network

If one of these subsystems is overloaded, the overall performance of the computer is adversely affected since the other subsystems have to wait for the weakest link in the chain. The overloaded subsystem functions in this case as Bottleneck. The word comes from English and is actually called bottleneck &# 8211; the name has become a metaphor for a data stream that needs through a narrow point and stops the flow.

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Bottleneck - How do you find the problem?

First, you should find out where the bottleneck is. A simple way (on Windows computers) to the Windows Task Manager provides (see screenshot). Opens the Task Manager and watch the various subsystems to you. (Recorded in the normal operating mode) in the screenshot you see e.g., that the CPU load is 0%. Do you get here regularly and during normal operation (without special load) extremely high values ‚Äč‚Äčthat could be an indication that the subsystem concerned acts as a bottleneck.

task ManagerThe Task Manager under Windows 7. In this image, the system load in the normal range moves.

Bottleneck - How do you solve the problem?

After you have identified the hotspot, you can go to it to eliminate the bottleneck. Depending on which system is affected, different solutions are offered. Below are some suggestions.

hard disk

  • defragment hard drive and see if the problem still exists after that.
  • When in doubt, buy a new hard drive. SSD hard drives are relatively inexpensive today and offer reliable protection against disk bottlenecks. An overview of SSD hard drives you will find in the article disks: Affordable SSDs at a glance (Mac, PC).
  • Tips to defragment offers you defragment the hard disk and make faster the guide


  • The general rule for memory bottlenecks says: More memory is better.
  • have run concurrently The more programs you, the higher the memory consumption.
  • If you with many programs regularly works simultaneously, you should think about additional RAM to create storage bottlenecks from the world to vacate.


  • The CPU is the most important part of the computer: A good CPU can execute millions of calculations simultaneously, without resulting in some problems.
  • If the utilization is permanently over 75%, which is an indication that the CPU has limitations.
  • Tips for lowering the load will reduce their CPU usage in the Guide - how it works.

graphic card

  • Graphics cards bottlenecks affect mainly in games and reduce the frame rate (FPS).
  • If you have problems, you should first update the drivers.
  • How to do you betray the Guide So you can update graphics card drivers: Especially in recent games new drivers often seem miraculous.
  • Also, be sure that the CPU has enough power - otherwise the most powerful graphics card goes nowhere.


  • Check that all parts (cables, routers, ports) function properly.
  • A slow network is in most cases the result and not the cause of bottlenecks.


  • Hardware always keep up to date.
  • The older the hardware, the higher the chance that they will no longer work properly and affects the performance of the system.

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