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The free DVDFab Media Player Download play all video formats, even can play 4K videos and supports the display of DVD and Blu-ray folders.

The freeware version of DVDFab Media Player has only minor limitations compared to the Pro version and presents itself as a convenient video player for all formats. Particularly pleasant possible DVD or Blu-ray folder, for example, reflect on the hard disk at a time. For other players, you would need to call in general, the individual VOB files consecutively. The German-language program is a good complement to the other DVDFab programs with which you can create these same copies of DVDs.

DVDFab Media Player Features

For fans of the highest quality is certainly important that the DVDFab Media Player can display 4K UHD movies. The others are pleased determined that the player also supports quite as any other format. These are &# 8211; besides ISO files and folders from movie DVDs and Blu-ray &# 8211; the formats * .3g2, * .3gp, * .4xm .amv, *, .aob * .asf * .avi * * .bfi, .bik * .flv, * .gxf, * .iss, * .m2ts, * .m2v, * .m4v, * .mkv, * .mov, * .mp4, * .mpeg, * .mpg, * .mts, * .mxf, * .nsv, * .nsv, *. nuv * .oma, .pss * * .pss, * .pva, * .ra, .rm * .rmvb * * .son, .str *, * .swf, * .thp, * .tp, * Ts, .vdr * * .vid, vob * .webm *, * .wmv, * and * .wve .xa. So all popular formats and many, most of us of whom may have never heard of.

dvdfab-media-playerDVDFab Media Player supports all video formats

the option of playing movie folder one uses, the DVDFab Media Player is in a sense all of the individual files into a single film, as is also putting a DVD. With no jumps, we can scroll through the movie and let us show an overview of various screenshots every minute (see picture gallery). Or to display the DVD title is possible. These are then displayed to the right of the main image. The two features are accessible via two small icons at the bottom right. Incidentally, the program jumps also automatically through a film folder. If you have the first movie file is loaded and this is over, the following will be played automatically.

The films, the user can either load a menu icon in the field of controls, or he pulls the file or folder simply on the program window. Additional settings can be made via the main menu, which is hidden behind a small icon on the top right. There may, inter alia, the appearance of the player be changed by selecting one of the included skins. If you like to watch series on the PC, such as the option love that the DVDFab Media Player remembers the last played position. And the automatic pause when you minimize the program's practical.

Of course the media player DVDFab also supports subtitles. The display of the movie's subtitle can be adjusted in terms of position, font and size. It can also be subtitle files matching load to the film.

Once we have chosen the DVDFab Media Player, as well as the assignments of different video formats can be made in the settings. Likewise, the selection of Blu-ray Region &# 8211; which can be changed anytime.

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