Daniel Radcliffe dead: actor dies at age 26 – rumor on Facebook

Is Daniel Radcliffe dead? If you believe a rumor that is being spread on Facebook, then already. Allegedly known from the Harry Potter series young actor was recently passed away at the age of 26 years. What is behind the story  &# 8211; and has the whole thing may have to do with the new film by Daniel Radcliffe? We clarify.

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Daniel Radcliffe is dead &# 8211; This message is currently divided into various groups on Facebook and provides uncertainty among fans of the Harry Potter stars. Many information on the alleged death does not exist &# 8211; many people read the other hand, probably only the headline and then easily share the news with their friends &# 8211; in this way spread on the Internet rapidly rumors, which in the end no one can say who is the author.

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Daniel Radcliffe dead: message on Facebook

So now it has caught Daniel Radcliffe &# 8211; reportedly the actor and Harry Potter star had died at the age of 26 years. In the message that is making the rounds at the moment on Facebook, you can see a collage consisting of a photo of Daniel Radcliffe and a news anchor. Among then is the headline &# 8220; Breaking News: Our beloved Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe died at 26&# 8243; (Breaking News: Our beloved Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe dies at 26).

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The message is of course fictitious &# 8211; Daniel Radcliffe enjoys good health and has just released a new movie &# 8211; and maybe that's the reason for this false death report.

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Daniel Radcliffe is dead &# 8211; but only in the movies

On Facebook and Co. are well known, constantly explain all possible celebrity dead, most recently as Thomas Müller, Mesut Özil or Michael Schumacher. Daniel Radcliffe has to serve for such a rumor right now, but may have a very simple reason, namely his new film.

Daniel Radcliffe dead Product ImageDaniel Radcliffe is actually dead &# 8211; but only in his new film &# 8220; Swiss Army Man&# 8221 ;.

In the strip Swiss Army Man Daniel Radcliffe plays the dead man who awakens in a miraculous way and goes along with the lone Hank on a journey. Daniel Radcliffe is in some ways so dead &# 8211; but only on film. Has that anyone read and posted on Facebook can not be excluded, where the message was then taken out of context and developed a life of its own.

My mum Should not be allowed on Facebook. She Believes everything she reads. She thought Daniel Radcliffe what dead

As already mentioned, many people read &# 8211; just in social media &# 8211; only the title of articles. One click later, and the rumor is shared with all Facebook contacts immediately &# 8211; in this way is from the movie Dead Daniel Radcliffe then a &# 8220; real&# 8221; Death. In most cases, these messages are of course fictitious &# 8211; often such rumors also spread deliberately to lure readers to dubious sweepstakes or subscription traps. For this type of message, there is now a special name: Hoax. As you may know something, we show you in this article: What is a hoax and where you can expose him?

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