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Noobs is the software wizard with which you install an operating system on your Raspberry Pi. We show you how you can install it and use Noobs.

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62135install Noobs: Raspberry Pi

at &# 8220; Noobs&# 8221; not it is related to the Raspberry Pi to any types of people (see Noob-term declaration), but a software that helps you to install an operating system on the Raspberry Pi. The abbreviation &# 8220; Noobs&# 8221; stands for New Out Of The Box software.

With Noobs you can so as to set the following operating systems:

  • Raspbian (Rapsberry-Pi-Standard)
  • Arch Linux
  • Raspbmc
  • OpenELEC

The difference of the operating systems can be found here: Raspberry Pi operating systems: Raspbian, Ubuntu Mate, Windows 10 IoT and Co. in comparison.

With the Noobs surface it installed automated one operating system on the Raspberry Pi.With the Noobs surface it installed automated one operating system on the Raspberry Pi.Start Photogallery(15 images)The 14 coolest advent of technology nerds

install Noobs

To install Noobs an operating system on the Raspberry Pi, you make the following:

  1. Opens the official website of Raspberry Pi and invite you Noobs down. Uses best version: NOOBS LITE Network only.
  2. Extract the ZIP file.
  3. Format the SD card of the Rasperry Pis in FAT / FAT32 and copy the extracted files to them. Here can you MicroSD cards for the Pi * buy.
  4. Put the SD card into the Pi and connects it to a LAN cable to your router. also connects the monitor, mouse, keyboard and power plug.
  5. After installing and starting Noobs you can choose which operating system you wish to install.

Danger: In this case all previous installed systems are deleted.

In this way you can try out different operating systems and test that best enjoy it on the Pi. Here you learn also how you installed the Raspberry Pi camera and set up. If you want to buy a new Raspberry Pi, we have made a comparison of the technical data of the small computer here: Raspberry Pi 3 vs. 2 vs. 1 - Differences in comparison.

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