Destiny 2: Class Guide – which class is the best?

Destiny 2 is coming and once again raises the question &# 8220; What class is the best for you?&# 8221 ;. Package this question can naturally not answer, and generally each class is important for the success of a team in the shooter. New classes will not give in Destiny 2, but for other sub-classes. We provide you all classes in the overview before, show you their skills and differences and help you, so when your decision.

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As in the first Destiny you are in the second part of the classes titanium, hunter and warlock to choose from. Which of these is the best class for you depends on your preferences and playing style. You go rather than submit or crashes ye directly into the fray? For every taste there is another class. Then there are the new focuses and super attacks continuing, allow your playing style more variance.

The guardians are in the starting blocks! Look below launch trailer all that awaits you in the world of Destiny 2!

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Titanium, hunter or warlock? What class should I take?

Have you already played Destiny, you will not be so difficult for the choice of the class, as it still is fundamentally the same classes. Starts her as a freshman in Destiny 2 maybe you wonder, however, what class because now is the best for the start. When choosing between the three classes in Destiny 2 you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • You like to fight on the front line, preferably thick armor and also shares happy times in the melee? Then the titanium the right choice for you.
  • Agility is jumping higher and farther you the most important and you want than any other? In addition, it likes to play solo more often? Then you considered the Hunter to choose.
  • If you are on magic gifted characters and see yourself more as the supporters in a group? Then you are with the Warlock best advised.

destiny-2-jaeger-titanium warlock

This is the first only once a rough distinction of the characters and the roles they play in the game. In the game you can by appropriate equipment modify the classes in one or other direction. An agile titanium is thus possible, as an armored hunters, but it makes perfect sense to play the characters their roles accordingly to take full advantage of their strengths.

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By the way, you have the option to create a character for each class in Destiny second This should do necessarily, to get to know them all. In the continuation of each class also has first class specific abilities, and each gets another sub-class (in game &Focus, 8220&# 8221; called) donated.

Three sub-classes can you unlock as experience points for titanium, hunter and warlock. They each represent the elements Empty, Arkus and Solar. Depending on the type of enemy are some prone to certain elemental damage. As you can switch smoothly between the foci, you should equip them accordingly depending on the situation.

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As in the first part of each Sub-Class also comes back therefore with their own super-attack. In addition, the melee attacks and grenades types differ. Below, we introduce you to the capabilities and differences between titanium, hunter and warlock little more closely.

Titanium skills in the overview

Titans come standard with the strongest armor and therefore should always come first thing in the enemy contact. Then there is the strongest melee attack all classes coming. As a defensive measure, they can form shields and protect themselves and the group in this way.

class capacityCan build before enemy fire small and large protective walls for protection.
Class itemsash
Focus sun breaker (Solar)Super Attack: Can you summon axes of flames, which you can throw at a distance their enemies.
Focus Forward (Arkus)Super Attack: You jump into the air and lands a punch to the ground, causing a shock wave.
Focus Sentinel (Empty)Super Attack: Can you summon a Blank sign with which you can protect you selectively or throws it like a disc on enemies.
destiny-2 Class-titanThe Titan looks with his empty plate made of a futuristic Captain America.

Hunter: Skills in the overview

Hunters are the most mobile of all classes. With deft evasive movements you can dive to cover coverage and are cleverly especially when dealing with hand guns and throwing knives. In addition, hunters have a triple jump, which they can bounce higher and farther than others.

class capacityA special evasive jump.
Class itemhooded cloak
Focus gunslinger (Solar)Super Attack: Your pulls out a gold handgun with which you can use up six shots that cause considerable damage.
Focus Arkusakrobat (Arkus)Super Attack: You get a wand with which you can swirl in close combat by the enemy.
Focus Night Stalker (Empty)Super Attack: With bow and arrow their black holes can form that attract enemies within and hold. Very good to control enemy movements.
destiny-2 Class-hunterArmed with Battle Staff of the hunters now shares also in close combat.

Warlock: Skills in the overview

Warlocks can slide after a jump in the air and make the fight especially magic to Use. You can heal team members or use buffs to increase the damage of all guardians. Especially if you play a lot in groups, a warlock with it should always be.

class capacityCreates an aura, heals allies within and buff.
Class itembangle
Focus dusk blade (Solar)Super Attack: You summon a flaming sword which can you throw at enemies.
Focus Sturmbeschwörer (Arkus)Super Attack: Your verschießt lightning projectiles from his hands, which are mainly involved in the melee much damage.
Focus Empty runners (Empty)Super Attack: Your fires a huge Nova bomb from a distance, which caused much damage in the area.
destiny-2 Class-warlockThe Warlock hurls a flaming sword at his enemies.

Poll: Who is the one class you start in Destiny 2?

Now that we've introduced you to the classes of Destiny 2 with their abilities and differences, we want to know from you in the following survey, starts with what class it. Leave us your reasons in the comments!

Destiny 2 starts on September 6, 2017 PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. but the series makes its debut on the PC. But you've got to until here Oct. 24 wait before you can fend off as guardians of the threat of Kabale.


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