Steam: delete and edit Reviews – Here’s how

Steam is a popular digital distribution platform where you can not only buy games. Also on Steam you play some games that are stored in your library. Let other Steam users how good or bad a video game, there are reviews. We show you everything in this guide, what you need to know to Steam-reviewed and most of all you can, as you delete your own review or edit.

You want to know what other Steam users think about a game, before you buy it you? With the reviews it's no problem. Written simply own reviews or look up the best, worst or funniest Reviews on Steam. You can find them conveniently directly at the bottom of a Store Page a game. The right of the media gallery at the top of the product page you will find two rating Skalas that should give you a first orientation. As her a Write your own Steam-Review, edit or even delete can we tell you in the following paragraphs.

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Steam-Reviews: Rate games and helping others

The Steam-Reviews has been around for a long time. But only recently has its Steam reviews extended by an additional feature. So you now not only see in addition to the games, as it cuts generally throughout the period, but also how the users who bought it recently, think about it. So you will find on the store side of a video game two scales, the show you reviews.

Two rating scales are displayed most recently.Two rating scales are displayed most recently.

Here you can read not only helpful reviews, but also assessed. Just click on Yes, No, or funny to leave a review of the review. Steam collects and categorizes the reviews in the various equestrian one:

  • Overview: Here you can see all the reviews at a glance.
  • Most Helpful: Under this filter will determine their reviews that have been marked by many users with helpful.
  • New: This is to current reviews, which mostly date back to the same date.
  • Positive: Here land assessments involving the review writer has stated that he likes the game.
  • Negative: Here you will find reviews, where the review writer has stated that the game does not like it.
  • Funny: Do you choose this filter, you will receive reviews that were considered funny by other users.

you like a Review of a Steam users, can you you also look at his profile and his other reviews. In addition, of course, you can also Write your own reviews, edit and delete. We works, we'll tell you in the next paragraph.

to write your own review on Steam, is not difficult. On your profile appears you how many reviews have written it until write your own review on Steam, is not difficult. On your profile appears you how many reviews have written it until now.

Clear Steam review and edit

Have written their own Steam-reviewed and want that now edit or even delete proceeds as follows:

  1. Login you one on Steam and click on your profile.
  2. On the right side you can see the number of your games and your screenshots and also the ratings. Click on reviews.
  3. Here you can see now all the reviews that you have written so far. want to edit or delete it clicks the Review.  steam-review-delete-edit
  4. Now you see the right user management. Here, the review can edit, delete, change the language or the visibility.

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