vivofit 3: Waterproof fitness tracker from Garmin – Complete info at GIGA

vivofit 3: Waterproof fitness tracker from Garmin - Complete info at GIGAGIGA-rating: Reader Rating:


In tests, the pedometer and sports watches from Garmin fared best. With vivofit 3, the company presents a new fitness tracker. The design have changed the developers.


vivofit 2 a large display in landscape mode offered. By contrast, the successor is more like the products of Runtastic and Fitbit - the first According to the pictures, but not a bad decision. A square screen displays the information (time, steps and the like) in a light pixel look. The display is significantly smaller than before, but probably big enough.

vivofit 3 with automatic activity detection

But not only the design has changed, no new features have been added. Move IQ will automatically detect perennial activities and analyze. Hiking, running, swimming and training devices are here can be distinguished.

Like most tracker wants to motivate vivofit 3, among other challenges are possible with other members on the Garmin portal. In addition, the personal daily goals are analyzed and adapted to the user. The new "Connect Insights" help according to the supplier to develop and maintain habits that make even fitter and healthier. The progress is displayed on a time line.

Waterproof, with a one year battery life

Garmin Fitness bracelet vivofit-3-whiteGarmin is held to a battery to a battery with one year maturity, then they must be replaced. At least the previous two button cells could be changed themselves.

In Fitness wristbands are not self-evident: vivofit 3 is (like its predecessors) not only splash-proof, but waterproof. He can stay up to 50 meters deep in the arm even when diving. The silicone band is to be comfortable in the water. Several colors and patterns are available.

Garmin announced the product now, ahead of the Mobile World Congress on. vivofit 3 will be released in the second quarter 2016th The price starts at 119.99 euros.

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