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Who wants to buy a NAS server or already has, perhaps considering to use SSDs instead of hard drives. But results that make any sense? I say no! And I explain why this is so.

Video Tip | What are SSDs?

15622What are SSDs?

NAS with SSD? No, because&# 8230;

A NAS server is a small PC, which basically consists of many hard drives, to make space for the computers in your home network ready: videos, pictures, music - everything! SSDs are now known to be much faster than hard drives. If you get into the slots of its NAS therefore SSDs installed instead of hard drives? No!&# 8230; not really.

SSDs in the NAS are mostly meaningless.SSDs in the NAS are mostly meaningless.Start Photogallery(11 images)At these 10 signs her fake stores recognizes the Internet

It depends on the speed of transmission, not on the hard disk / SSD

Many SSDs achieve read and write speeds of around 500 MB / s. This is especially true for large files. A hard drive is more concerned with the 80 to 100 MB / s fast. Now, one might get the idea, so to build SSDs to NAS, since they are much faster than hard drives.

BUT: It must be remembered that a NAS via network (Ethernet) cable is connected to the router. This in turn is connected via network cable to your computer or via Wi-Fi with your mobile devices. the Übertragungssgeschwindigkeiten the Ethernet LAN or Wi-Fi so it must be respected.

Probably your network works at home with up to 1 Gbit / s.For many, the network works at home with up to 1 Gbit / s.

A current router and computers provided you have a network with a transmission rate of up to 1 Gbit / s (see picture above). Converted by the maximum 125MB per second data transfer - mind you at a LAN cable connection AND under ideal conditions that are almost never reached. In today's wireless standard 802.11ac you come to a maximum transfer speed of 163 MB / s (ideal conditions). but in practice there are more 60 MB / s. When N standard, there are virtually only to the 30 MB / s.

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SSDhard diskLAN (1 Gbit)WLAN (ac)WLAN (n)
Max. Speed ​​(theoretically) in MB / s75013312516375
Max. Speed ​​(practically) in MB / s50080 &# 8211; 100117

No matter how fast the SSD is, its speed is always braked in the transfer of data to the network device by connecting technology. ie after the above table an SSD in the NAS would still transmitted at about 500 MB / s with a LAN connection, only a maximum of 117 MB / s; and if your router sends the data to the smartphone or tablet via Wi-ac, then there are even a maximum of only 60 MB / s. For small files, the speed often decreases even further. The potential of a SSD in the NAS would be used only when copying or reading small files, but only to a negligible approach.

Note: If you should, however, have a wired 10Gb network, then you feel the SSD speed.

SSDs are too expensive for NAS storage

SSDs are also still significantly more expensive. The main task of a NAS is to provide large amounts of memory available. A NAS hard drive with 4TB of storage *Is a NAS with SSD make sense? - No, because.... currently costs around 175 euros (as of January 2017). In a 2-bay NAS would be the so already 350 euros (8 TB storage), 700 euros for a 4-bay NAS fill (12 TB storage), only to the NAS with these hard drives.

This 4 TB SSD from Samsung will cost around 1,400 euros. Source: Amazon This 4 TB SSD from Samsung will cost around 1,400 euros. Source: Amazon*

A 4TB SSD from Samsung *Is a NAS with SSD make sense? - No, because.... alone costs compared to the 1400 Euro. A 500GB SSD costs at least another 150 Euro. When referring to drive you get for the price eight times as much space. SSDs in the NAS so really worthwhile only if they are as low as per capacity hard drives.

Note: If you activate a RAID in NAS to mirror the data automatically (backup), you have only half of the installed capacity is available in the worst case.


If you have old SSDs lying around somewhere that you do not require otherwise, only to: clean the NAS. However, I do not recommend to buy an extra SSDs for their own NAS at home. In a corporate environment with 10Gb network that can in turn be different. Here you learn how you can set up a NAS server.

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