Show me the Money: With these apps can make their money

Apps on your iPhone or Android devices can not only cost money and offer fun, entertainment and useful features. What many probably did not know: Some of these can bring in money even you. Filthy rich one is indeed in any of the presented applications. But maybe you can one the other or integrate or good in your everyday life combined with hobbies, thus ensuring you a nice extra income. These 10 apps bring you coal.

Show me the Money: With these apps can make their money


The function of Bitwalking is simple: The app rewards you for distance walking routes. For 10,000 steps, or the equivalent of eight kilometers you will be rewarded with a Bitwalking dollar, whose value is about one US dollar. User the currency can then either redeem partner online shops or exchange them for real money. Currently, the app of the English start-ups is in a beta phase and can be used by invitation only. Who are the lucky ones, can generate up to three Bitwalking dollars per day currently - however one must have to cover more than a half marathon. The developers want to win sooner or later, insurance, sports equipment manufacturers or companies on board who want to make their employees fitter. Finally, you could also sell the movement data - made anonymous as Bitwalking emphasized. If you do not care, it would be a great opportunity, Fitness Tracker, Pokémon GO and your wallet at the same time to use.

bitwalking bitwalking2


To make money with Slidejoy, you must actively basically do nothing. You just have to tolerate advertising that displays the app on your lockscreen. It may be sponsored articles and news, or to obvious offers. Important to know: The promotion is limited exclusively to the Entsperrbildschirm. By wiping to the right leads immediately to the home screen. it wipes the other hand, to the left, you can get more information on the display, which brings more so-called Carats, which you can convert them into vouchers for Partner Stores or PayPal balance. The payout depends on various factors. In normal cell phone use you can expect about 5 euros per month. Not much, but who can get their act together and due to the advertising finally no longer spends than it earns, which can thus have time to finance a drink at the local favorite. Slidejoy's currently only available for Android.

slidejoy1 slidejoy2


Pact helps you right at two things: make money and comply with your intentions. You can put money on it that you eat more fruit in the future, often goes to the gym or you healthier diet. Of course, you must also prove your successes. This makes it in the form of photos that are valued by the community or by using a fitness tracker. For fulfilling objectives Pact you pays up to $ 5 per week. Can you manage not, you lose the money you placed on yourself and financed simultaneously other bets. What the whole ad absurdum: The amount of your winnings is completely independent of the amount of your bets - these are used according to the developers that is purely personal motivation. However, the app has the Play Store many bad reviews. Probably should often verify the performance or the payout will not work. However, those who already intends to do something more for his health, the app can try even once.

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PactdownloadQR codePactDeveloper: Team PactPrice: Free
Pact - cash prize to motivate for trainingdownloadQR codePact - cash prize to motivate for trainingDeveloper: Gympact *Price: Free

Google survey app

With Google Opinion Rewards their Google Play credit can earn. For this you have to take part in short surveys. These are usually only a few questions such as which logo or which slogan you like better. On average you get once a week a poll on you will be notified of the app. To participate you get then Google Play credit worth up to 0.75 euros. Rich one is not so - but can for the minimum effort to be about every two weeks to purchase an app that you would probably otherwise not granted.

survey2 survey3


AppJobber gives you so-called "micro-jobs": hand company you tasks such as price, competitor surveys or mystery shopping. Sounds more complicated than it is: Most of the job is to upload photos, brochures or public places or to report defective lighting or construction sites. But sometimes you have to do a test purchase. For the actual job there are usually fees of between one and twelve euros. The jobs appear in the app on a map. Sometimes the address is given but only very imprecise, so you have to run the whole street before. If the job is perhaps exactly on the way to work, you can quickly to earn a few euros so times.
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appJobberdownloadQR codeappJobberDeveloper: who thinks what GmbHPrice: Free
AppJobberdownloadQR codeAppJobberDeveloper: who thinks what GmbH *Price: Free

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More apps bring the money


The principle of Streetspotr is the same as that of AppJobber. various jobs you are offered on a card that can fulfill her to dazuzuverdienen a few euros. In addition, there are volunteer jobs for which there is no money, but so-called "Street Points". In our test, it was far more jobs than AppJobber at Streetspotr at least in Berlin. For this, they are awarded more quickly because of the higher number of users - so may be that her vain einschlagt a detour. The tasks usually consist of photographing or confirm addresses or product availability. On average, you earn one to five euros per job. But sometimes there are more lucrative jobs.
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StreetspotrdownloadQR codeStreetspotrDeveloper: Streetspotr GmbHPrice: Free
StreetspotrdownloadQR codeStreetspotrDeveloper: Streetspotr GmbH *Price: Free


Shpock has now been quite a large community. The app describes itself as an online flea market. All things you have lying around their homes and no longer needs, photographed it and makes it available as an advertisement in the app. Determines the price itself. User near you get the listing displayed and can contact you in this regard and make an offer. Shpock works really simple and is a great way to clear out the apartment and at the same time to make some money.


ezyShot is an app for people with some coated self-confidence. ezyShot calls himself the most exciting social network in the world. The members are so-called social Artists. Officially, celebrities, models, musicians, athletes and entertainers are meant to share the news, photos or videos from their lives. In reality, hot guys or girls are there, but mostly to be found, enter the sports and nutrition tips. If you own one you to one of two groups, you can create you an account on the platform and sell your content to other users. Who wants to pay your profile must ezyCoins. Of this, the operator reserves a half, the other one can turn into real money. The course is unfortunately anything but profitable: So you get for 10 ezyCoins just 40 cents. Anyone who thinks he gets a lot of people to click on their profile, which can sometimes try his luck.


Udemy is a platform for online courses. Through the website or the app can you Photoshop, yoga, programming, employment, or pretty much learn everything you can imagine. Do you have something against it it, that you want like simple pass on to others and teach a little talent can offer their own courses on the platform and sell. The price can you specify. recommended up to 30 euros per course. Stupid: If your students come over to you Udemy, the platform retains half of this amount. Alternatively, you can bring on other ways in your classes people. Udemy currently already offers a range of courses at 40.000 and more being added. But especially German-speaking lecturers are still being sought. The effort is great - if your price is going well, but you can order quite make good money.

Udemy udemy2


Foap provides an extremely easy way for amateur photographers to take their pictures for money. Their reports to you, and upload your photos directly from the smartphone high. You can also access images from your Instagram- or Flickr accounts. Each image other users costs $ 10. Foap reserves half of the turnover, the other half can you quite simply be credited to your bank account.

Foap - Sell your photosdownloadQR codeFoap - Sell your photosDeveloper: FOAPPrice: Free
Foap -Sell your photosdownloadQR codeFoap -Sell your photosDeveloper: FOAP AB *Price: Free

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