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The farming RPG Stardew Valley has inspired a very short time more than one million players around the world. So it will not soon be boring, just version 1.1 in the works. We tell you in this article to Stardew Valley, what about the update 1.1.

Stardew Valley creator ConcernedApe has big plans with his Farming simulation. about Twitter reports on the latest updates and ideas. On too reddit you can follow it to the developers of Stardew Valley and ask your own questions. On its website the farming sim he talked about his next steps and called the whole thing update 1.1. This item is regularly fed with new updates and shows you, what plans Eric Barone with Stardew Valley has.

See here the launch trailer for Patch 1.1:

11566Stardew Valley 1.1: Launch Trailer

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Stardew Valley &# 8211; 1.1: The update is in the

The update 1.1 is officially out there. At the September 29, 2016 appeared the Beta version, which has now been replaced with the final full version. On October 3, 2016, the update was celebrating his release. All changes can be found on the official website of Stardew Valley.

Already in the current state Stardew Valley is a versatile game, in which you ever can spend hours, days or weeks. When farming RPG you build not only plants on, processing it and selling it profitably. You my dear neighbors in the village to get to know, make them gifts and even marry. Two mines complete the role play and bring a Roguelike-Component into the game.

Stardew ValleydownloadQR codeStardew ValleyDeveloper: ConcernedApePrice: € 13.99 This preview informed the developer with the community. What a chic Silo!This preview informed the developer with the community. What a chic Silo!

An update to version 1.1 will bring more than just a Variety of buildings, plants and seeds. On Multiplayer is planned as well as a translation into many other languages. Whether hereby also a German Stardew Valley is meant the developer not yet revealed.

These are the Patch Notes for version 1.1:

  • more building for your farm
  • new content for Late-Game
  • new plants and seeds, as well as crafting Items
  • more furniture Robin for your house
  • better and new mechanisms for Farm and production processes
  • two new bachelor: Shane and Emily
  • new dialogues and cutscenes Shane and Emily and other villagers
  • more content and dialogues for the time after the wedding
  • improved Combat and mining mechanics
  • Buildings can be moved and no longer have to be demolished and rebuilt
  • more convenience functions
  • new secrets in the game
  • Bug fixes and additions in the game world

New maps for the beginning

A new feature set of the developer on the PAX West 2016 in front. It will be like this 5 new maps give, where you can start. They all offer completely new opportunities and build on individual skills can you acquire you. Everything else in the mega-patch integrates with your existing save game. But in order to test out these individual maps need one her Start new game. The following maps are available:

  • Riverlands: Do you like the fish? Choose you for this card, which holds a lot of water and rivers for you.
  • Forest: Foraging is your thing? Then starts here. You can find many resources for degrading here. Stumps grow here and there is a new, special grass that grows only here.
  • Hill-top: There are mountains and cliffs. In addition, a mine that brings you ores and rare geodes here.
  • Wilderness: You seek, you are absolutely right the adventure here. Here monsters spawn at night, but you have but more space for your farm.

Gallery Stardew Valley - Update 1.1: New Maps

  • (Figure 4.1):Forest
  • (Figure 2.4):Hill Top
  • (Figure 3.4):Riverlands
  • (Figure 4.4):Wilderness

The fifth card is of course the usual that you already know.

Version 1.1: Is there a release date?

The patch 1.1 is officially released. If your download among you has not yet arrived, checked your Steam whether you still Beta version in the settings have. Click again on the game in your library, and then click Settings. Throw out the beta version of the game so that it can install the full update 1.1.

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