Abbreviation & quot; & quot ;: BYOB Meaning and Translation

Anyone talking with friends on messenger or social networks and arranged, constantly discovers various abbreviations may not be familiar to one. the acronym &# 8220; BYO&# 8221; occurs more often in invitations. But above all, the abbreviation &# 8220; BYOB&# 8221; one reads frequently. In this guide we'll tell you what &# 8220; BYOB&# 8221; means and what further modifications of the acronym out there.

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More and more abbreviations that go into everyday writing and language, come from other languages. Especially from the English more and more acronyms spill over through the Internet in the German. This one can not simply derive so often. The abbreviation &# 8220; BYO (B)&# 8221; comes here frequently in invitations to barbecues and similar private events.

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abbreviation &# 8220; BYOB&# 8221 ;: Meaning and Translation

BYOB Party Abbreviation Meaning grillingIf you get an invitation in their stands &# 8220;BYOB&# 8221; place, it means &# 8220;Bring Your Own Booze /Beer&# 8221 ;. Translated this means &# 8220; Bring your / s own Alk / beer with&# 8221; and is intended to mean, in most cases by bringing his own alcoholic beverages to the party.

If, on the invitation only &# 8220; BYO&# 8221; (&# 8220; Bring Your Own &# 8230;&# 8221 ;, dt. &# 8220; Bring your own &# 8230;&# 8221) is available, it means that you may should also bring more things themselves. At a barbecue party on the lake this could then mean for instance ceilings, barbecue food, cutlery and drinks. Normally, the host should specify what it provides, so you can already appreciate what you have to bring their own.

A BYOB Party is thus nothing more than a BYOB (also Bottle party or potluck): The host makes certain things available and guests have everything they want in addition, bring your own.

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BYOB: Other variants of the abbreviation and its importance

The abbreviation &# 8220; BYO&# 8221; appears in many ways, but basically means that you should bring something to a party or event itself. We have summarized some of the other well-known abbreviations and their translation in the following table:

BYOMBriny Your Own MeatBring your own meat
BYOFBring Your Own FoodBring your own food
BYOSBring Your Own Sh * t / StuffBring your own business with

System of a Down &# 8211; B.Y.O.B.

The known alternative metal band System of a Down has a song that B.Y.O.B. called. But they really sing there a BYOB? No, SOAD has only made the acronym known exploit.

The song criticized the Iraq war and the propaganda in the United States, the abbreviation stands for &# 8220;Bring Your Own Bombs&# 8220 ;, so &# 8220; Bring your own bombs&# 8221 ;.

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