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With Casper the conventional Snapchat app will be extended by some additional features, then snaps obtained can, for example, thus stored in the internal memory of the smartphone. The developers of Snapchat course not see the like, which is why the app is not listed on the Play Store. We have the APK for all those who want to install the application yet.

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Introduction a few words of warning: Snapchat alternative extension is not popular, which is why the threat is in the area to ban all users of Casper promptly of Snapchat. Those who still installed Casper gets a significantly beefed up version of the Messengers. Thus remaining Snaps can be stored easily and archived for a long time &# 8211; but which of course contradicts the basic idea of ​​Snapchat.

In addition, hundreds of emoji to choose from, which does not exist in the conventional version. Also filters for the shots are on board, if you like, his Snaps can so therefore additionally aufhübschen. The app itself is, however, anything but beautiful to look at, the functionality is clearly in the foreground.

Casper APK Download: So you install the tool

from mentioned reasons there does not exist in the Play Store, the installation of Casper works only on the APK file. Which must be easily downloaded on a PC or smartphone. After that, if necessary, just copy to the mobile device and follow the instructions. Alternatively, the APK can download on to the side of the developers.

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Casper: Important Notices

Finally, once the warning: If you are unlucky, could be banned from Snapchat. In addition, the use of Casper also in moral terms is questionable, the second communication part is, after all, assume that the images sent to remain on the device not too long. And: When signing Casper will also lots of private data, including the Google account. Although the company promises not to divulge information, a little caution is still necessary.

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