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The instant messaging service Skype can chat up with friends and family, make video calls or professionally suitable for conferences with remote workers. Will show you your chat history in Skype or copy your Skype history to read it on another computer, we show you below how to do it.

Internet telephony connects people worldwide. Meanwhile, you can even use the browser you Skype. The program Skype you can not just write messages, but you can also view your chat history. Even if you your chat history want to call on another PC, there is a solution. Read below how you view your log in Skype and transmitted can.

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Skype history display - Here&# 8217; s

If you want to read the conversation in Skype weeks or even months before some again, it needs to pick only the appropriate contact. Skype then provides automatically over the chat input window to the older messages divided into segments. Click her to the date on the news, a menu, you jump into the chat to the corresponding date and you can watch the Skype history is displayed:

  • 7 days
  • Yesterday
  • today


Skype_Chat history

Of course you can also manually simply scroll up in your chat, to read the Skype history.

The prerequisite for this is that you can not delete in the options chat history or its storage is not limited in time. If you have, for example, After downloading Skype and the installation set, the messages are to remain stored for only three months, you can not rely on entries from four months ago.

save Skype chat log indefinitely

  1. Opens Skype.
  2. Goes beyond the tab &Actions; # 8220&# 8221; to the &# 8220; Options&# 8221; and left selects the menu &Privacy; # 8220&# 8221; out.
  3. Now you can with the right &Save chat protocol; # 8220&# 8230;&# 8221; drop-down menu &# 8220; forever&# 8221; choose.
  4. Click then click &Memories; # 8220&# 8221; and in the future your chat Verlaut should be stored indefinitely in Skype.

Skype chat history

Skype history: transferred Chat - Instructions

These data may be on other computers are available, you have to back them and play, as they are only stored locally. Only messages that have been sent in the last 30 days or received, are also available on other computers. The corresponding Skype Verlaut location found at:

  • C:>documents and Settings>&# 8221; Your Windows user name&# 8221;>Application Data>Skype. (This is possibly also the hidden folder must be displayed.)

Windows 7 and Windows Vista, the path is as follows:

  • C:>user>&# 8221; Your Windows user name&# 8221;>AppData>roaming>Skype.

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Alternatively, you can also reach so your chat history:

  1. Windows and the R button pressed simultaneously, so that you open the Run dialog.
  2. Adds there% AppData% \ Skype and click OK. Skype_Chat history
  3. Searches in the folder with your Skype name or the main main.db. file In it, the Skypye chats are stored.

To the to copy Skype History, is doing as follows:

  1. Save File: Copy this file to an external memory, such as a USB flash drive, a hard disk or sends it to you automatically by e-mail.
  2. Do you want to transfer their chat history on your other PC or laptop, so that, no Skype, the program will first install. After the program start the folder containing the database file is automatically created. Includes Skype.
  3. Copies your secured main- or main.db file to the appropriate new folder with your Skype nickname.
  4. If you log in now Skype and opens the conversation with any contact, you can scroll back as described above in the course.

You can read even without Skype, the main file, for example, the Skype Log Viewer NirSoft.

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Image Sources: Skype via Microsoft Corporation

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