When’s Gray’s Anatomy Season 12? Season 11 and in Germany?

Gray's Anatomy is one of the most popular medical series ever and already captivated readers since 2005 series fans glued to television screens. There are now on 244 episodes in eleven seasons. In the US, most recently in mid-May aired the 24th episode of the eleventh season. But what about a release date for the twelfth season of Gray's Anatomy?

When's Gray's Anatomy Season 12? Season 11 and in Germany?

And when will Grays Anatomy Season 11 to Germany?

When's Gray's Anatomy Season 12? Season 11 and in Germany?

When's Gray's Anatomy Season 12? Season 11 and in Germany?

Fans of the medical drama in Germany can look forward. Today, on May 20, ProSieben starts with the appearance of the current eleventh season of Gray's Anatomy in Germany. In the coming weeks you can switch on as usual on Wednesday to attend the latest events at Seattle Grace Hospital. At these dates you can see Grays Anatomy Season 11 in Germany:

Wed.05/20/201520: 15-21: 15 o'clockProSieben01lost in the wind
Wed.05/20/201521: 15-22: 10 o'clockProSieben02The missing piece of the puzzle
Wed.05/20/201522: 10-23: 10 o'clockProSieben03error excluded
Wed.05/27/201520: 15-21: 15 o'clockProSieben04Ellis Gray
Wed.05/27/201521: 15-22: 15 o'clockProSieben05time-out
Wed.06/03/201520: 15-21: 15 o'clockProSieben06familyreunion
Wed.06/03/201521: 15-22: 15 o'clockProSieben07Over again, please
Wed.06/10/201520: 15-21: 15 o'clockProSieben08risk
Wed.06/10/201521: 15-22: 15 o'clockProSieben09shock
Wed.06/17/201520: 15-21: 15 o'clockProSieben10The last hermit
Wed.06/17/201521: 15-22: 15 o'clockProSieben11agony
Wed.06/17/201522: 15-23: 10 o'clockProSieben12deception

After the TV broadcast you can see with max cathedrals the latest consequences of the eleventh season online. The first 30 days is access to max cathedrals free *.

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In the US, most recently, the final result of the current 24th season aired.

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Gray's Anatomy Season 12: Getting information and rumors

Ten years after the first episode of Gray's Anatomy is one of the quota racers in the US television channel ABC in manufacturing. In early April was then finally officially announced that a new, twelfth season with news from the Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital is produced. However, a start date for Season 12 is not yet known. First rumored to be drastic changes in the Gray's Anatomy cast for, 2015. ABC recently announced that Giancomo Giannlotti will play a new leading role in Gray's Anatomy Season 12th Further details on the new season are not known.


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