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Nintendo switch players have to wait until 2018 until they will find a comprehensive online service on the console hybrids. This includes the Virtual Console. First indications for retro function of the switch but there is now.

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Thus discovered, according to Source Gaming some switch modders that there is on the hardware a NES emulator. The software has "flew" the code name. But it can not be formally addressed. The emulator is included on the console since the first system update after the launch of the Nintendo switch.

These games are only available on the Japanese SNES Mini

It would not be surprising if it would now provide guidance for the retro-function handheld hybrids. It is now times no secret that Nintendo would release its gaming classics on the switch. Why the emulator is only for NES games, but remains open.

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It's probably best if you enjoy the tweet from Source Gaming with caution. It is difficult to verify whether it is "flew" in fact is a NES emulator.

It would be nice, however, already when all those players who could the NES Classic Mini never get, nevertheless could enjoy the retro console.

If you can not wait until Nintendo released the Virtual Console for the switch next year, you can try to order the SNES Classic Mini. This will be released as early as September.