The Witcher 3 Walkthrough: Sorcerer job – Hanna out of the woods (with video)

Hanna from the forests is a night appearance in the role-playing game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, her freed Geralt of Riva in one of the many sorcerers jobs over the course of their misery. In the fight against the restless mind, there are several things to consider. In our walkthrough we show you, we you defeat them and can pick up your earned pay you.

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The Witcher 3: Sorcerer job &# 8211; Hanna out of the woods

If you in no man's land south of Velen are traveling, neither will your adventure sooner or later to the village Central grove to lead. at the local Bulletin board finds her sorcerer-order Hanna from the forests. The customer is to be found only a few feet away in the same village. The village elder Bolko tells of an apparition in the woods and charged you with the expulsion of the spirit. Then it goes out as usual in search of clues.

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Hanna out of the woods at a glance

monsterHanna out of the woods
kindnight appearance
StrengthenTeleportation, creates illusions
weaknessesMoondust spirits oil, sorcerer character Yrden
LootLost Sword of Vrans (relic)
Recommended Players Level10
A tragic love story behind the fall of Hanna from the forests.A tragic love story behind the fall of Hanna from the forests.

Hexer Order: witnesses and clues

  1. Bolko sends you to first Agnete a few meters away. Speak with her.
  2. Then, you visit in search of clues outside the village.
  3. Follows in the footsteps of your Sorcerer senses to her a rags place.
  4. Continues to follow the trail until you come to the scene of a murder. Take there the knife to you.
  5. The trail leads you on to the grave of the victim. take the letter and read it.
  6. It goes back to Bolko. The murdered man was Zula, which was torn by a jealous admirer from life. Now she drives as Hanna out of the woods mischief.
  7. Make your way back before the village and burns night the knife and the letter, which then leads to the fight against Hanna.


So you have defeated Hanna out of the woods

Hanna is just like the devil at the well a phenomenon and should accordingly be materialized only in this life, otherwise you can cause her no harm. Here, you will help the magical trap Yrden, becomes vulnerable in Hanna. Should you Yrden have not leveled, the struggle can make a bit of a drag because it is difficult to keep in a small radius. Much better work as even the Bomb moondust, once thrown, Hanna prevents for a certain period of its transformation. Uses this period and it adds as much damage as you can before they become invisible again.

With the bomb moondust it facilitates you the struggle immensely.With the bomb moondust it facilitates you the struggle immensely.

Sharpen your weapons before the fight in the village, your armor brings into shape and carry Specter oil on your silver sword, then you should Hanna quickly defeat. On a related note, that sometimes creates three images of themselves that they will heal if you do not removed quickly enough. In these moments, Hanna teleports away and can not be violated. Beautiful way to keep their duplicates but only once.

In the following video you can see all the boss fight against Hanna from the woods on the level of difficulty death march.

6005The Witcher 3: Boss Battle - Hanna out of the woods

Statements and reward

In addition to various essences and ghosts dust get her the night of publication trophy that night appearance-mutagen and Forgotten Relic Weapon Sword of Vrans. In Bolko you can also pick you your pay and cashed 240 Experience for job completion.

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