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Of the "Half Life 2: Episode 3&# 8221; Release date is one of the biggest puzzles in the gaming world. We have compiled all the known information and the most interesting speculation.

Hardly any other game so it is expected eagerly as the continuation of the super-Shooters. No wonder, "Half Life" as well as the continuation of "Half Life 2" were no less than revolutions in the shooter segment. But since the release date of "Half Life 2: Episode 2" it has become quiet around Valve's legendary series. So far, also is totally unclear whether it will actually act on the next title in the series to "Episode 3" or whether Valve makes itself directly to an entirely new "Half Life 3".

Developer Valve true with respect to reliable release information as a not particularly reliable. So was announced as 2010 "Portal 2". The release was postponed several times. On the other hand Valve was not exactly idle in recent years. With the incredible success of the Steam platform, the "Left 4 Dead" series, some updates for "Team Fortress 2" and the development of "Dota 2" Valve has also had to do off of "Portal 2" a lot. A bit faster it could go but then though. Schie├člich Valve boss Gabe Newell said in 2006 that they wanted to make sure the episodes of "Half Life 2" that fans do not have to wait too long for new content. As I said, this was 2006, when Valve had said in no uncertain terms that there would be a total of three episodes.

There are good reasons why we (very) expect concrete announcements from the world of Gordon Freeman very soon. A glance at the list of Release Valve shows that only is there "Dota 2". The perfect time to let the cat out of the bag.

How might look like, it is so far very little is known. In addition to concept art and numerous &# 8211; supposedly leaked &# 8211; Screenshots that a little later but always turned out to be fake, a rumor holds special. Accordingly, in Episode 3, a character is to be introduced, is deaf, and making the use of sign language necessary. It was also speculated that "Half Life 2: Episode Three" could play in Antarctica.

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