Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds will be the only DLC

Guerrilla Games recently confirmed to the request of fans that The Frozen Wilds the only extension to Horizon actually: Zero Dawn will be. The fans take the sobering news for surprisingly left on.

6853Horizon: Zero Dawn - The Frozen Wilds - E3 2017 - DLC announcement trailer

As the game's developers announcing recently that the upcoming DLC ​​for Horizon is the first and only to be, you'd probably expect that the fans were quite disappointed and make known their displeasure.

Instead, most gave very understanding:

"I love you anyway guys, it's ok"

"I can not hate the best developers of all time yet"

At least this candidate speaks from the open, which have all other determined secretly thought:

"I've never been so angry about the fact that a game can not get a bunch of DLCs."

the Complete Edition was announced no later than the last week, already came on speculation that the game will not receive any further extensions. Only the question remains whether this is the story of Aloy or permanently to the end they might return in a second part?

These pictures show how beautiful Horizon: Zero Dawn:

Start Photogallery(16 images)Horizon Zero Dawn: The best pictures of the photo mode

The Frozen Wilds way, comes on 7 November. you may look at the video above the announcement trailer it. In addition, the DLC will also be available in the Complete Edition as well as other extras from 6 December.


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