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You want a video in the right format for your iOS device to convert? No problem, in this article we show you the five best converter for Windows and Mac OS X.

Five good video converter under test (Mac & amp; PC)

Primary care was taken to ensure that all programs described are compatible with Windows, as this is the focus of my subject area. Each of these converter free, so you can get started right away without even paying anything.

Miro Video Converter (PC & Mac)

MiroOf the Miro Video Converter is one of easiest Video converter in the race. He comes no frills and reduced to the essentials. Simply drag want to convert video to the designated area and using large buttons Select the desired format. Here Miro offers major formats, which are needed as Apple users. Among the settings that are very manageable, you can adjust the video size and resolution at his own request, and can create thumbnails. The design is simple and without great features. Still, it looks very good, which is dark gray modern and the Self-explanatory.

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Freemake Video Converter (PC)

FreemakeOf the Freemake Video Converter offers more options than the previous solution. Although suffers the ease of use, but only slightly. The converter can not only convert video files but also photos, audio, etc. and even serves as Downloader for example, Youtube videos. Very good is the choice of different formats, which is significantly larger than Miro. Apple over Android to Nokia and other popular formats such as AVI, WMV, MP4 or MPEG here no wishes remain unsatisfied. Even the Freemake Video Converter is, as the Miro variant, decorated in gray. Here, however, a brighter color was used and color Freemake offers significantly more variety.

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Format Factory (PC)

format FactoryFormat Factory is more complicated as the two previous solutions. However, this depends also to the fact that more options are offered. The program can convert almost any video format, but does not offer the ability to download videos from the Internet. The design is less elaborate than that of Miro and Freemake. Although you can choose between different appearances, but the difference is only in the shade. Overall, the converter does at first glance a rather boring impression, design technically one could possibly get more out of the application. Professional Format Factory is meant by security without problems inexperienced, however, should reach for the somewhat simpler programs.

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Any Video Converter (PC & Mac)

Any Video ConverterOf the Any Video Converter bildetet the golden mean between Freemake Video Converter and Format Factory. Something more options than Freemake application while less complicated and with better design as Format Factory. Arrows with captions explaining the beginning the operation and also large buttons facilitate the handling of the program. The Any Video Converter as Freemake Video Converter offers the option to download videos from the Internet. As a unique feature you get the ability to play files offered within the program. The Setting options are relatively extensive and partly designed for more experienced users. However, the most important ones can be optimized at the bottom right before converting in a small window.

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Free Video to iPhone Converter (PC)

Of the Free Video to iPhone Converter is very similar to Miro Video Converter, but offers fewer options. Thus, one can in this case only videos on the Free Video to iPhone Converterconvert different iPhone versions. Other iOS devices, like the iPad, for example, are left out. However, the manufacturer offers other programs, including converter for the iPad and Apple TV. The great advantage of Free Video to iPhone Converter is the extreme simplicity. Few, showing large buttons with clear labeling where to go. This small program is described along with the Miro Video Converter the easiest of the five.

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Speed ​​Test: Which application has the best performance?

All five converters were using a 4:40 minutes long video, converted to iPhone 5 format (1136&# 215; 640, H.264, AAC 160kbit / s), to the test. Here you can see what program the nose had front:

  • Miro Video Converter: 3: 55.2 minutes
  • Freemake Video Converter: 1: 05.2 minutes
  • Format Factory (1136&# 215; 640 not possible, therefore, 1144&# 215; 640): 1: 20.5 minutes
  • Any Video Converter: 1: 28.6 minutes
  • Free Video to iPhone Converter: 2: 43.9 minutes

Conclusion: The right program for your preferences

Overall, there should be something, from basic to very extensive converters for everyone. Your addiction after a effortless operation and are not dependent on very extensive configuration options, would be the Miro Video Converter or Free Video to iPhone Converter well suited. In the latter case, however, one should note that there are different program versions for different iOS devices, which must be installed separately. however, are a bit more extensive the Freemake Video Converter programs Any Video Converter and FromatFactory. Here more options are offered significantly. The best balance between ease of use, extensive settings and good design, this Freemake program. In the speed test there was competition on the left.