Final Fantasy 15: Justice Monsters Five – Manual and reward

In Final Fantasy 15 you can drive you time with various mini-games. One of the most important is Justice Monsters Five, making her special rewards can catch. As the mini-game works, the rewards are there and what you should observe it, we show you on this page.

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Basically Justice Monsters Five a similar Pinball machine in which verschießt her monster balls and they collide with obstacles and enemies let. If you can score a lot of points at stake, wins her special accessories. You can find the slot machines in all Crows Nest Filliale and in Café in ALTISSIA, where you will also find Alession. Want more outside activities? Click here for our fishing guide for FF XV.

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Final Fantasy 15: Justice Monsters Five Instructions

In Justice Monsters Five their monsters have to use up in bales and thereby Pull enemy monster LP. Do you have defeated all enemy monsters, a new wave appears. After a few rounds appears an additional Boss Monsters with more LP. Your self start with four random monster capsules, which also have an LP bar. If this drops by the attacks of the enemy to zero the game is over.

FF XV Justice Monsters FiveReady for a round of Justice Monsters Five in Final Fantasy 15?

Justice Monsters Five &# 8211; Thus, the control works

Your monsters are in Final Fantasy 15 Justice Monsters Five below a concave surface (Inwardly curved) imaged. Through this area you can determine the direction lifted up your monsters balls. The farther the ball rests on a page, the more oblique the firing angle in the opposite direction. As the control works exactly, we show you in our list and the images including:

  • X / A button: Verschießt the ball. By holding the button you increase the power of the shot.
  • Left analog stick: With this you can determine when firing the trajectory of the bullet.
  • L1 / R1 / LB / RB: Selects the Monster capsule.
  • Triangle / Y button: Changes from the monsters capsule.
  • Square / X button: Uses the super ability.
  • Circle / B button: Finish the game.
FF XV Justice Monsters FiveHere you get some information about Justice Monsters Five.

Your monster balls roll on the arcuate flipper along and you have to choose the right moment when you want to use up. It depends on precision and of course good timing. FF XV Justice Monsters Five allows you different shot types:

  • Bomber Shots: These shots explode when they hit, thus causing additional damage.
  • Climbing Shots: Climbing shots pull themselves along walls and thus have the chance to catch the enemy from behind.
  • Perforierschüsse: With these attacks you can shoot through opponents. Thus, you can catch one after the other or targeted attack weak points of the enemy multiple enemies.
FF XV Justice Monsters FiveStill further evidence of the control of Justice Monsters Five.

Your opponents in Justice Monsters Five Unfortunately not wait passively that you simply rams her. At certain intervals, they send radiate from which can harm you. Fits your attacks down so that you may not enter into an attack, The powerful attack In this mini-game is the Super ability. These can use her if the blue bar is full of the icon of your monster. pushes the Four corner / X button and it is depending on a Monster very strong attack or even cure be. Stay tuned for the monsters who just not on the field are. Uses her special skills to handle situations better.

Elements in Justice Monsters Five

You have not only standard capsules in Justice Monsters Five. In the App version Final Fantasy 15 you can also Unlock elementary and Monster capsules. Each monster will then have an element that has different strengths and weaknesses compared to other elements. The strengths and weaknesses are distributed as follows:

  • Fire is strong against Earth.
  • Earth is strong against lightning.
  • Flash is strong against water.
  • Water is strong against fire.
  • Light is strong against darkness and vice versa.
FF XV Justice Monsters FiveDo not despair if you need a few more attempts for Justice Monsters Five. It is worth it!

Rewards for Justice Monsters Five in FF XV

We come to the lucrative part of the mini-games. A game Justice Monsters Five most cost 10 Gil, but in a special machine in ALTISSIA costs the game 10,000 Gil. In this the rewards are much better and the prize is the Lord Vexxos-Aufziehfigur, with which her a Half a million Gil maintain or through a sale Making magic can. It is the figure of powerful catalyst for spells in the game.

During the game, you win treasure chests, which you can exchange for rewards. especially the Mogry Talisman is valuable because it your EP received increased by 20%. You want to know what's behind the rewards, read our article on all accessories. These are all rewards for the machine:

treasure chests10 Girl play10,000 Gil game
2healing potion-
5Super potionSuper potion
15Super ElixirRuby Bracelet
20Garnet braceletplatinum Reif
25carbon ReifEmerald Bracelet
30Amethyst BraceletCenturion-Reif
35Titan ReifMystic circlet
40Mega-PhoenixMogry Talisman
45Sapphire BraceletLegatus-Reif
50GoldreifBlue Diamond Bracelet
60Earrings KannagiGigas-Reif
70Ruby BraceletPower Suit
80platinum ReifDark Crystal Bracelet
90Emerald Braceletonion Reif
99triumvirateLord Vexxos-Aufziehfigur

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