Create Amazon Prime Watchlist, manage, and delete

With all the movies and series that are available on Amazon Prime, it falls partly difficult to choose the right content. you can put movies and series that you want to watch in the future on the Watch List. So you can create its own Amazon Prime program.

Find out here how to create the watch list and manage and how to delete it from the movie list content.

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Thus squeezing everything out of his Prime SUBSCRIPTION out (video):

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Create Amazon Prime Watchlist, manage, and delete

The watchlist can be viewed directly in the browser *Create Amazon Prime Watchlist, manage, and delete become. must Creating specifically to the program listing not. So you can add movies and series to Watchlist:

  1. Browsing in the browser or app in Amazon video offering.
  2. Ride with the mouse on the PC and Mac mouse over a title that you want to save for later.
  3. It opens a brief description of the film or series. The lower part of the button is "Add to watchlist".
  4. Alternatively, you can access the summary page for the title. There is also the ability to add to the film and series list can be found under the Play button.

Fire TV brings Amazon Prime videos on a TV:

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The watchlist can not be managed in the browser, but also stands to Prime video apps for smart TV, PlayStation 4 and Co. are available. The smartphone you title also adds the appropriate summary page to the playlist.

In addition to titles from the Prime subscription, and purchase movies and series may be added to the watchlist. So you can save content for the future and hope that this will be unlocked at Prime. For an additional fee, you can play the desired content of course immediately. In the Watch List is added titles can be filtered according to "Prime-titles" to see movies and series without charge at a glance.

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Create Amazon Prime Watchlist, manage, and delete

Have you finally found the time to display the marked movies, simply controls the Watchlist in the browser. Here are all stored tracks listed and can be played quickly. In prime-Video App you can open the Watch List from the menu on the left.


If you have seen the appropriate film, the title is not automatically removed from the watch list. Instead, you look to your own list in the app or browser. Below each title is now the "Remove" button is. Once clicked, the movie or the series will be deleted.

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