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For about 5,000 years bubbles delight mankind. And still loves everyone look up the colorful balls. Here is the recipe of how to make soap bubbles themselves.

Can everyone: soap bubbles selbermachen

Anyone who wants to make soap bubbles itself, has its own recipes. Of course, the companies that sell us the bubble solution. Basically, the mixture always consists of distilled water, some form of soap and various additives. These additives are intended to ensure that stable bubbles are formed and dissolve not immediately. Gladly taken additives are, for example, wallpaper paste, glycerin or glucose.

making soap oneself: the ingredients

As you can see from the above additives already, you can not usually decide on a boring weekend &# 8220; So, today we want to make soap bubbles yourself!&# 8221 ;. Hardly anyone is the necessary ingredients, starting with distilled water, have at home. In a Bubble recipe is less about the immediate availability, but rather a money savings by producing large quantities at a low price. And of course the craft fun!

making soap bubbles themselves: No problem, with the right recipe!making soap bubbles themselves: No problem, with the right recipe!

Distilled water is not absolutely necessary, but better results. We get it in any drugstore, but as Sunday also at a gas station. The ingredients normal tap water often affect the bubble formation negative. A useful base material is commercially available, cheap dish soap, about the discounters. provide baby shampoo or neutral soap other recipes.

Somewhat problematic additives are. powdered sugar or wallpaper paste you might find yourself still in the home. glycerin or corn syrup rather not. So we ask simply times different variations before and you yourself decide which you come to the destination on quickly. All these recipes have in common that we do with relatively large amounts of soap bubbles solution itself. Who wants to have really less, has to convert it. Unfortunately Bubble-making is not child's play for an afternoon. The best results are achieved namely if allowed to rest overnight, the solution.

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Standard bubble solution

This is a well-functioning recipe with which you can make normal-large soap bubbles

  • 1 liter of warm water
  • 100 milliliters of neutral soap
  • 2 level tablespoons of wallpaper paste
  • 3 level tablespoons of icing sugar

Mix everything together well. Then let it rest for four hours. Better overnight. stir again before use.

duration soap bubbles

With this recipe, the bubbles keep very, very long &# 8211; even after their landing. They are also quite large. The key ingredient is the sticky corn syrup. The one can get in health food stores or in well-stocked pharmacies.

  • 300 milliliters of distilled water
  • 90 milliliters of detergent
  • 40 milliliters of corn syrup

Mix everything together and let it rest for at least an hour. Then again, stir and make great, lasting, colorful bubbles.

making soap bubbles themselves: the breath Ring

Of breath ring works best when it can absorb a certain amount of bubble solution and hold. The industrial copies achieve this by narrow gaps. We must proceed differently if we want to not only our own bubble, but also to the ring.

An excellent solution, but you also have to buy again, the so-called pipe cleaner. These are thin flexible wires which are wound with a short hair style plastic coat. They can be for cleaning in the necks of pipes push or bend it so that the result is a breath ring.

A more readily available alternative you can make yourself. You take a sturdy wire, such as from a metal hanger, and turn him cope appropriately. The wire on the ring is tightly wrapped with wool or cotton yarn. Starting at the stem, the wool is applied, and there was finally ends up again to make a final node. So a homemade puff ring fits perfectly for homemade bubble solution and has, inter alia, That we can create different shapes and sizes advantage.

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