Cannabis against cancer: findings and prejudices on cannabis as medicine and Rick Simpson oil

Can hemp oil cure cancer? The Internet is full of reports of hemp oil against cancer and the miraculous hemp plant as a remedy. Cannabis oil in this regard is on everyone's lips. The cultivation, possession and trade in the area known as narcotic hemp plant is illegal in many countries, as opposed to legal highs, such as Cloud Nine and Spice. Read below the practical guide which there is a connection with cannabis and the fight against cancer and may have the effect of cannabis medicine.

Cannabis against cancer: findings and prejudices on cannabis as medicine and Rick Simpson oil

Cancer therapies are a sensitive issue. Hemp oil is to have positive effects on patients worldwide - this impression received seekers when they scour the internet. If the potential of cannabis underestimated? What is it about the various allegations that cannabis have cured cancer? Hemp is an ancient cultivated plant that is repeatedly praised for their action but also criticized. There are circulating the theories that cannabis might be not be bearable enough for the pharmaceutical industry as a cancer treatment and would therefore take so long to develop. Also the cannabis prohibition does not play for the reseachers in the cards and brakes in this country to develop. Since it is no wonder that, for example, the Rick Simpson oil is hyped as the miracle cure for cancer. What is it about the hemp oil effect?

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We are not medical professionals in this field and can present here only a small selection of information as an overview on the subject in general. There were over recent years many individual studies and cases that we have not listed here. Turn ye to your doctor or expert of your trust if you want to know more.

Hemp against cancer: In Israel, medical cannabis legal

Israel is not only researched diligently, there are cannabis as a medicine in pharmacies. The THC and CBD content vary and so an individual dose and mode of administration is also for children and patients who do not want to smoke, found. State-controlled cannabis growers supply the pharmacies and so side effects in cancer therapy are there, for example alleviated legal. However, there is still no patients in the largest Israeli hospital, which was cured by the plant of cancer (Source: Cannabis against cancer documentary on 3sat).

Cannabis for cancer

Cannabis for cancer

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Selection of findings on cannabis as medicine against cancer

Burkhard Hinz of the University of Rostock is also conducting research in the area of ​​effect of medical marijuana. Hemp and cannabis contain different amounts of cannabinoids, including tetrahydrocannabinol &# 8211; the infamous psychoactive substance THC with the intoxicating effect &# 8211; and cannabidiol include (CBD). THC acts anticonvulsant and anti-nausea and vomiting in cancer therapy and is actually used in some hospitals to accompany the chemotherapy. CBD, however, is not illegal and approved for therapy in multiple sclerosis and spasticity (Source:

According to Burkhard Hinz causing cannabidiol that accumulate on the tumor cell surface proteins that respond to their own immune system cells. Let the labeled tumor cells burst (Source: These results are from 2014 and were, however, carried out in the laboratory.

Cannabis for cancer

Another promising study called Do cannabinoids cure cancer? comes from Dr. Manuel Guzmán (Source: The professor of biochemistry and molecular biology in Madrid turned to THC in nine patients with brain tumor for which standard therapy has so far been ineffective. He suspected that the tumor is at least partially reacted to THC: In the course of medical study, tumor growth was slowed after THC was passed through a catheter directly into the brain. However, he had no control group and an insufficient number of participants to obtain representative results for the general population, as he himself writes.

There remain many questions unanswered, such as whether the tumors was successful due to the THC or due to the previous standard therapy or their combination really and whether the tumor by itself stopped the growth.

Documentation cannabis for cancer

In the documentary cannabis against cancer of 3sat shows how to have different effects on cancer cells in a university in Israel different cannabis oils. These preliminary results indicate that the oil may have no effect, but also deformations and the death of cancer cells result. In addition, the audience learns that so far no side effects in the use of medical marijuana have occurred and at least one child already helped in Germany that way. The little patient is given synthetic THC and his tumor showed three years since the beginning of the treatment, no growth trend.

Cannabis as a medicineIn Israel, patients receive cannabis as a medicine in the pharmacy.

Cannabis against cancer: Rick Simpson oil as a cure for cancer?

Rick Simpson is the inventor of the oil of the same name, which he applied to himself against skin cancer. He himself has evaporated regularly the oil via e-cigarette. Meanwhile, he spread his success of cancer therapy using the Rick Simpsons oil (RSO) worldwide and is on the Internet now known. Even the successful documentary &# 8220; Run From The Cure&# 8221; made him famous. Evidence and clear medical contexts does not exist, is particularly critical to note that Rick Simpson advises against all of conventional medicine and the standard therapies for cancer treatment. Rick Simpson oil is not going to get legal but should itself be made &# 8211; that too is illegal in Germany. The Rick Simpson oil is not the same as a CBD oil. Differences you read on

cannabis oilCannabis oil smokes Rick Simpson himself by e-cigarette.

Prejudice dependence in cannabis plants

To outsiders, the use of cannabis as a medical remedy seems strange, some have the notion that the patient might become addicted. The risk of dependence of cannabis threatens but only if you experience the feeling of being high. In those applied in some countries concentrations and in the ways of administering this feeling, however, does not occur. The effect of hemp oil is used analgesic. Because the cancer patients from the cannabis not be high, creates no addiction and no desire to repeat this effect.

cannabis oilMany patients swear by cannabis oil, but have it concomitantly to standard therapy.

use cannabis legally against cancer remains a topic of the future

Doctors in Germany treat previously at their own risk that they will have to repay the cost of the therapy one day to the health insurance. It still lacks the sound scientific basis, but there are dozens of clues. Cannabis that improves the result of a standard therapy. Behalf of the research is now to figure out which specific cannabinoids why can be used and in what quantity and what subsequent doses to treat cancer patients.

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