No sequel to Beyond – Two Souls planned

Apparently is not a sequel to Beyond: Two Souls in planning. The announced David Cage, creator of the game and the creative mind behind the development studio Quantic Dream. But this also applies to all eternity?

2683Beyond Two Souls PS4 Announce Trailer

Just recently, the remake of Beyond was: Two Souls and Heavy Rain announced for the PS4. Accordingly, the development studio Quantic Dream is implementing the two interactive dramas for the new Sony console. Who but now wonders if maybe a sequel to Beyond: Two Souls will be released is likely to be disappointed.

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In an interview with David Cage has denied speculation about a potential successor. He is the founder of development studio Quantic Dream. He is also responsible for the idea and the execution of both games. According to Cage one would like to try in the future of new possibilities. He says:

Currently there are no plans for a sequel to Beyond: Two Souls. I know that it is a bit unusual for the industry, but we do not want to make ten times the same game, or feel too safe with what we create. We love the excitement of new risks, new things and crazy ideas and are eager to see how the community will respond.

Graphic comparison between PS3 and PS4 version of Beyond: Two Souls!

And this announcement is, at least at present no wonder. Finally, the studio with the neuangekündigten Detroit: Become human a hot title for the future in the fire. But who knows, perhaps it might still be a (at least spiritual successors) of Beyond: Two Souls come when Detroit was published.


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