“Mr. T tot “: message via alleged death of actor circulating on Facebook

The year 2016 is not yet half over, and yet there is to complain even death of many celebrities this year. Keep trying while also beat fraudsters profit of alleged death reports of celebrities. So currently circulating a message on the network, after which the legendary A-team members Mr. T is dead.

"Mr. T tot ": message via alleged death of actor circulating on Facebook

Especially with Facebook, a message is shared date, stating that Mr. T, whose real name Laurence Tureaud, said to have died in May 2016th The corresponding status message indicates a characteristics available from Mr. T from his prime with the label "R.I.P. Mr. T, 1952 - 2016 ".

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Is Mr. T dead? There you can read it on Facebook!

Similar to news of the death of Leonardo DiCaprio, Mike Tyson or Mesut Özil, these are but a hoax. Mr. T. is not dead, but enjoys the best of health such. As visible on his recent social media activities. A few days ago Mr. T celebrated his 64th birthday on May 21, 2016th

Again and again circulating fake news about the deaths of celebrities through Facebook, Twitter and intentions behind such tasteless fake news there are some. In part, site operators just want to exclusively share an alleged sensational news to thereby get attention and likes for a Facebook page. In the case of "R.I.P. Mr.T "message will be asked about users into the" to operate Like "button to show sympathy. Each Like the message in the News Feed of friendly Facebook users is displayed, thus further spreading the hoax on the social network.

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Mr. T is not dead!

Not infrequently, however, pitfalls that can become expensive cost traps hide behind such death reports. The messages are then placed incorrectly on behalf of a prestigious news magazine or TV station online.

  • So you will be asked by clicking on a link to the message first to share the relevant status-post before the alleged death message can be read. In this way, the message is spread on the social network and presents other users.
  • Instead of the desired news of the supposed death, however, you get a raffle or an invitation to download an app that appears on the screen.
  • Taking part in such competitions, it is not unusual is his e-mail address into the hands of spam distributors.
  • Behind the alleged app download to paid subscription traps hide alternatively. Should you be fallen into the trap, read on here: cancel subscription trap &# 8211; How to do it.
  • Access to initially presented news of his death there at any time.
mr-t-shutterstock_187222289Mr. T is still healthy in May 2016 and alive.

Should you therefore on Facebook for news of the death of prominent people come, as now in the example of Mr. T, is seeking a reputable source such. As a large news site and checks whether the death notice was also posted there. In the Internet era, such messages are released quite quickly - could they actually agree.

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