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Google Project Ara and thus the development of modular smartphones adjusted according to several reports. The company no longer wants to build the modular devices themselves, but the technology could be licensed to partners. The founder of Project Ara is disappointed about this decision.

3771Project Ara: What's NextUpdated on 03.09.2016, 11:30 am A spokesman for Google confirmed to VentureBeat that Project Ara has now set after three years of development. Among the reasons and the future of the project, Google declined to comment. So it will actually be no modular smartphones from Google.

Original Article from 09.02.2016:

Google provides a development of modular smartphones

It should be the next big trend: completely modular smartphones. In recent months, but Google has steered the development of Project Ara in a direction that would not meet the basic idea behind a completely modular unit. Instead of a complete modularity with replaceable components, the latest generation should only fail partially modular. Components such as the processor should therefore can not be replaced, which was previously still being considered to allow a later update. But even this change to partial modularity was not enough to create a finished product.

The decision comes extremely surprising, since Google has announced yet large in the context of recent developer conference that developers be equipped this fall with a first model and is then offered in 2017 a version for consumers. It should have been the first true Google smartphone that the company has developed itself. Former Motorola President Rick Osterloh to be largely responsible for this decision.

Project Ara

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Founder of Project Ara is disappointed

Opposite 9to5Google the founder of Project Ara Dan Makoski has spoken out. He is, of course, disappointed with the decision. The teams have so Makoski, worked hard on the idea of ​​a truly modular smart phones and should now also be very frustrated. The same applies, of course, for fans of the idea, which had already waited so long for the Ara smartphone. We can only agree. Makoski is still sure that modular smart phones thus are not history.

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As we go from here with Project Ara?

It is clear that Google itself will not build a modular smartphone more. The technologies that have been developed in recent years for Project Ara, but could be awarded to other manufacturers under license. This could in turn build their own smartphones. But if even the billionaire Internet company has not gotten it, will probably extend to other producers even to mediocre solutions as is the case currently, for example, the LG G5 or Moto Z. Project Ara Google is now unfortunately history.

Source: Reuters, via recode theverge, 9to5Google update: venture beat

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