collect Payback points at Zalando – how it’s done!

Amazingly, not known to many Payback customers that they can also earn points at Zalando. However, this is not simply by showing a customer card (Of course not ...) and not by simply entering the payback number. A bit more complicated it already is.

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When one hires it right, you can save in this way twice. On the one dusted off the points and on the other you can still use a discount voucher at Zalando. Because Fortunately, that does not exclude each other.

Payback points after Zalando purchase

The easiest way would be if there was a direct link between Zalando and payback. You would simply enter once in the user data Payback his number and then on Zalando would report any updated score to payback. Theoretically, that even go because if you do it on the circuitous route, then the points end up at the end yes even with payback. But as he goes then, is the complicated way?

zalando paybackTo earn at Zalando payback points, the route over the Payback page leads

Payback on the website there is a special entry page for Zalando. Here one gets displayed, how many points you can do with its sales and then have to enter at this point his payback customer number. Then you click on the button &# 8220; Shop Now&# 8221; and will only be redirected to the Zalando page. The corresponding relay code in the web address ensures that at the end of purchase sales will be credited in payback points. However, we do not get the points immediately, because we might as well send everything back at Zalando easy. And then we would collect points for purchases that we have never actually made.

For this reason, the points are only the customer's account &# 8220; locked credited&# 8221 ;. This means we can already see how many points we conceded our shopping, they get but later provided. Payback can be 11 weeks time before the points actually land on the account.

Payback and Zalando vouchers &# 8211; does this work?

Since there is no field in Zalando shop, in which we have to enter our Payback customer number, we can use Zalando vouchers normal. We reach than the Zalando site via a link at payback. At that moment, all the necessary data has been transferred for payback and we can as always use the shop like that.

If we go at Zalando to the checkout, we can enter a coupon code before we choose the method of payment. After testing the code, the savings will be deducted from the invoice amount ourselves. And this final amount is then used to calculate the payback points. The points are awarded for the real sales, not for the original price. Just as if we were shopping in a retail store.



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