Hipster Girl: So female hipster style – 7 Trend Tips

to be hipster is not just a trend, but also a way of life. Nevertheless, the style is of course an important element of identity and all know the typical hipster beard. But how does a hipster girl stylt? This guide gives you tips on what part of a hipster girls definitely do so. 

Hipster Girl: So female hipster style - 7 Trend Tips

The hipster trend builds on that first of all that it looks as if someone is just not concerned with the style of the hair or the clothes very long. You are perfect when it looks a little like you're just got up, shoes, cap, ready man is. Of course, you do not do it that way, but it is just that impression here. A similarly important accessory as is the beard for men, there is not in the female hipsters. You may think you, you zuzulegen a nice big black nerd glasses &# 8211; if you do not need, then just with window glass.

1. No mainstream fashion &# 8211; just somehow different

It is important that you stand out to you from the mainstream that his clothes at Pimpkie, New York, H&M or C&A buys. Rather it covers you one at Salvation Army, American Apparel or Urban Outfitters. Even better, if its the second-hand shops and looting for girls, it is best of all, clean out the wardrobe of the mother or the grandmother better. Hipster combine different fashion styles, you can finally wear what you want, as long as it's not uncool. Many female hipster rather put on a jungenhafteren style, but you can also wear long skirts. Holes and patches are cool and revamp old clothes hipster-like. Note: The hipster style is now also arrived in the aforementioned mainstream stores &# 8211; do not fall for that!

his hipster girl's look and lifestyle

2. Standard equipment for the start

There is of course no hipster uniform, because individuality is indeed very important hipsters, but with a few parts in the closet you are ever on the safe side.

  • called the classic high-waist or tube or skinny jeans. Pretty tight, they should sit. Very pretty tight.
  • Nerd glasses best in black.
  • A jute bag with individual print.
  • T-Shirts with individual print.
  • Lumberjack shirt
  • Cardigan
  • poncho
  • Boots or sneakers with laces.
  • Beanie *Hipster Girl: So female hipster style - 7 Trend Tips

a beanie or a hood adorns the hipster girl

3. A little makeup &# 8211; no years of sessions for nails and hair

Hipster girls spend no hour in the bathroom. Therefore:

  • Little or no make-up, but if it fits, you can, of course, either the eyes or mouth stress.
  • No artificial fingernails, but bunte Nägel are okay &# 8211; better in dark colors.
  • A hairstyle in which all think only once: &# 8220; What is this&# 8221 ;, but actually find so cool. Either simply allowed to grow long or short and asymmetrical. Also very popular is the undercut.
  • Accessories such as handbags and scarves are okay, but do not overdo it.

artificial nails are nothing but a colorful okay for hipster girl

4. be slim and stay

Hipster are usually very thin. Since they prefer organic food and mostly eat vegetarian or vegan diet, it's probably because. Watch your diet and dispense with visits to fast food restaurants. Although they look like hipsters pull a good book before exercise in the gym. But a little exercise makes you not uncool.

should the perfect girl hipster be thin

5. tattoos that mean something

A tattoo can strengthen your hipster look &# 8211; Many hipsters have tattoos. However, it should not be the dandelion, spring, lever or any other worn-mainstream subject, of course, for you decide.

should hipster girl a tattoo but have none of the mainstream

6. Concern yourself with literature & art

read hipster much, even the girls. A book should you at least always in your jute instead of plastic bag have. read hipster current books, but also old literature. It should not possible be in the bestseller lists, but otherwise you can read everything. Philosophy knowledge is also very useful to you in the hipster world, if you so do not know which you shall begin, read a little Kant, Nietzsche or Heidegger.

Hipster Hitler: The comic to look*

hipster hitler is a humorous sketch of the hipster movement a book for girls via Amazon*

7. Customize your in hobbies

Everything that makes the mainstream, is a desert. So avoid blockbuster movies and draws you instead an interesting documentary pure. Let's look you in museums, get smart about postmodernism and their art. Listen to the right music &# 8211; Indie, underground or pop, as long as the band know very few people. Get yourself a nice vintage camera *Hipster Girl: So female hipster style - 7 Trend Tips and makes aesthetic and clever images. Hipster are creative, so you let think of something!

a vintage camera is ideal for a hipster girl via Amazon*

Overall, you've got to set a cool behavior, of course. And of course you do not call yourself hipsters. If you call someone Hipster, her smiles wearily and looks on your smartphone. In general: Show Not too many emotional outbursts. Hipster are a controlled people who want to belong, can not be guided by his emotions themselves.

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