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Due to his speed of Google Chrome is a much seen program on home computers. But who is traveling a lot on the Internet, then looks again in the task manager, gets almost a shock: The browser automatically opens a large number of processes and so has very quickly a lot of memory. The reason is that Google Chrome creates a separate process for each opened tab, each window.

To each open web run isolated from the others, a new process is in the Task Manager every time a tab is opened, created. Of course, this also means that the browser can load the website relatively quickly.

If Google Chrome crash processes

The problem is that each process the name &# 8220; chrome.exe&# 8221; has and you can not really distinguish which of the processes for which Tab. In addition, especially the Windows operating system, requires significantly more work to realize the communication between multiple processes, as if all tasks would be located in a process. So Google Chrome requires a relatively large amount of memory with many open tabs. If the memory exhausted and there is a new tab opens the new tab crashes with the message &# 8220; He's dead, Jim!&# 8221; from.

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Google Chrome terminate processes and share resources

To find out which tab how much memory and processor activity needed, you can do this by using the key combination Shift-Esc Google Chrome to view information.

Google Chrome Many processes Task ManagerThe Chrome's Task Manager lists the resource consumption of plug and tabs on

A tab that requires too much memory or CPU, you can exit from here to free up resources. In the &# 8220; Statistics for nerds&# 8221; are also output more detailed information, such as the consumption of resources of Google Chrome compared to other browsers looks that are currently running on the computer.

Google Chrome Many processes StatisticsIn the &# 8220; Statistics for nerds&# 8221; Chrome is compared to other browsers

Also, for each installed plug-in that runs Google Chrome starts a separate process, so for example, the Flash Player plugin must be restarted after a crash just without the browser is closed.

Over the many processes named &# 8220; chrome.exe&# 8221; In the Windows Task Manager so you do not have to worry, should be availed through this too many resources, simply close some tabs or uninstall unnecessary plug-ins from Google Chrome.