Rome: Total War

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Leads in strategy and tactics mix Rome: Total War, the successor to Mediaval: Total War and Shogun: Total War your troops from victory to victory, and built one of the largest and most powerful kingdoms of the ancient world.


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Rome: Total War

Select in Rome: Total War one of the many ancient peoples and established with them a realm of international standing - and fights simultaneously your many enemies in epic 3D battles.

The Roman Empire, Greece, Persia, Germania and Carthage - take you an example to these countries of history and leads them to either the all-conquering power or fight them with all that is available to you and so wins in Rome: Total War, the absolute Makes. Orient yourself to Julius Cäsar or Alexander the Great and forme the world according to your wishes.

Metacritic average rating: 92%

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Alternatively, you can hit one of three Roman families in Rome: Total War lead to the rulers of Italy, Europe and the known world, put an end to the prevailing civil war and your enemies once and for all wipe out times.


The playable races in Rome: Total War are:

  • Romans: Julier
  • Romans: Scipio
  • Romans: Bruti
  • Egyptian
  • Parthians
  • Seleucids
  • Gaul
  • Greek cities
  • Carthaginian
  • Germans
  • Britons

Unlock Total War: Non-playable factions in Rome

Who wants to choose the other nations in play as a playable race, must apply a little trick and rewrite the code of the game at your own risk.

  • For this, simply open the \ Rome-Total War \ data \ world \ maps \ campaign \ imperial_campaign \ descr_strat.txt file with a text editor
  • copied below the value Unlockable with nonplayable the fractions in the value playable
  • Engages the re-playable factions with Tab

Danger: These should, however, said that romans_senate (Romans: Senate) and slave (The rebels) lead to increased game crashes and therefore should not be changed to playable. In addition, you should make a backup copy of the file before the change that you can restore it later.

Rome: Total War Mods

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Rome: Total War Demo

The free Asked for download Demo to Rome: Total War includes the tutorial and some battles to retest. Total War also featured mods and enhancements: On numerous fan sites are available for Rome.


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