Dishonored 2: All trophies and achievements – Guide to 100%

The successes and trophies of Dishonored 2: The Legacy of the mask reward you like in the first part either for brachial approach or the secret variant. In addition, you have the 100% the game once with Corvo and with him one time with Emily, who have two different storylines. We show you all Achievements with their activation conditions.

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The List of Achievements of Dishonored 2 was published and suggests you some of the contents that await you. So you can, for example, collect decorations for the Dreadful whales or capture paintings. But the use of different weapons, gadgets and power switches you Achievements and Trophies free. With our guide We guide you to all Achievements.

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Dishonored 2: Trophies and achievements at a glance

Overall, you can in Dishonored 2 50 Achievements (51 Trophies unlock 4) on the PlayStation. As in the first Dishonored there again Achievements this is when you manage to avoid detection in the entire game or even kill anyone. Added to this is also the chaos factor, which can be changed depending on your approach to bad and good. Here again, there is one success. dishonored-2-hit trophies-screenshot

Dishonored 2: System requirements, graphics settings and preload times

In the following table we list you all the trophies and achievements with their activation conditions on. Once Dishonored has appeared 2, we will appropriate embed videos and guides, the you facilitate the activation of individual achievements.

Attention! For spoiler reasons, we have listed the secret trophies and achievements in a separate table below.
dunwall-night in-day-karnaca-in-DUNWALL BY DAY, KARNACA BY NIGHT-platinum
Deserves all the other trophies for Dishonored 2
freedom of speechfreedom of speechgamer core 15bronze
Saves the printer Dunwall Courier
morbid-theftmorbid theftgamer core 15bronze
Steal a corpse for Mindy Blanchard
enforcement protectionenforcement of protectiongamer core 15bronze
Keep your guard from getting to push a citizen in the light wall
freefallFreefallgamer core 15bronze
Jump from the top of the Addermire to including off an opponent
with serumagainst serumgamer core 15bronze
Under Keep yourselves with Dr. Hypatia aboard the Dreadful whales
three death-should-you-dieThree Death thou shalt diegamer core 15bronze
Kills three times Paolo
silencesilencegamer core 15bronze
Eliminates Jindosh without being noticed you
oracular-echosOracular echoesgamer core 15bronze
Listen to the voices of the Sisters of the Order of the oracle
heuler-bis-in-the-deathHowler unto deathgamer core 15bronze
Team up with the howlers in the dust District
the-orden-faithfulfaithful to the Ordergamer core 15bronze
Team up with the guards in the dust District
heurekaEurekagamer core 15bronze
Cracks Jindoshs castle without finding the solution somewhere else
under the tableUnder the tablegamer core 15bronze
Holt Stilton master key under the table without alerting the guards or to stun
floodedflooded cellarsgamer core 15bronze
Let the water and bergt the rune
dilapidateddilapidatedgamer core 15bronze
Find the hidden passage in the balcony
garden paviliongazebogamer core 15bronze
Jessamine proving one last time the honor
familiarity-begets-contemptuousFamiliarity begets contemptgamer core 15bronze
Robbed depositors of multiple
occult-carvingoccult carvingsgamer core 10bronze
Provides ten bone artifacts ago
hunter-of-heartbeatRaiders of the heartbeatgamerscore-30bronze
Eliminated six opponents in less than 1.5 seconds
fatal-kickbackfatal setbackgamer core 10bronze
Kill an enemy with his own ball
circle-of-lifeCircle of Lifegamerscore-30bronze
Dominated with a control chain human, dog, rat, fish and blood fly
Completes a mission without being detected
alternative-approachalternative approachgamer core 20bronze
Includes a mission without casualties from
black market-robberBlack Market robbersgamer core 20bronze
Robs a black market store
Collect all decorations for the Dreadful whales
well-protectedwell protectedgamerscore-30silver
Found 60 percent of available prey
heart whisperingheart whispersgamer core 10bronze
Used the heart to learn the secrets of 40 people
art collectorart collectorgamerscore-30silver
Obtain all collectable paintings
mechanics-collectorMechanical collectorsgamerscore-30silver
Purchasing number plates of 3 mechanical soldiers
from-the-ambushFrom ambushgamer core 10bronze
Eliminates 20 unsuspecting opponents
acrobatacrobatgamer core 10bronze
Eliminate 10 opponents with Falk attack
shadowshadowgamer core 50gold
Completes the game without being detected
steel-and-boneSteel and bonegamer core 50silver
Closes the game without the use of supernatural powers from
the-imperial-guard herrThe Imperial patrongamer core 50silver
Closes the game with Corvo attano from
the-empressthe Empressgamer core 50silver
Closes the game with Emily Kaldwin from
a Pure-certainA clear consciencegamer core 50silver
Closes the game with a low mess factor from
a-rich-in-chaosAn empire in chaosgamerscore-30silver
Closes the game with a high chaos factor from
the loving onesThe loving onesgamer core 10bronze
Joins two Characters by Domino just before a kills the other
song-of-serkonosSongs of Serkonosgamer core 10bronze
Finds three duets in Karnaca, listening to their songs
sliding-precisionsliding precisiongamer core 10bronze
Achieved when sliding a headshot
Imperial spy-masterImperial Spymastergamer core 10bronze
Goes all diaries / Audiographien Foster & Sokolov aboard the Dreadful whales by
Clean Handsclean handsgamer core 50gold
Completes the game without killing anyone

Dishonored 2: Editions Overview

Dishonored 2: Secret Achievements and trophies

imperial-sealImperial Sealgamer core 10bronze
Retrieved your signet ring
jewel-of-southernerJewel of the Southgamer core 10bronze
Karnaca reached
the-mounted-in-herThe beast in itgamer core 10bronze
Dr. Alexandria Hypatia done
thoughtless labyrinththoughts labyrinthgamer core 10bronze
Anton Sokolov found in the turbine building
a-night-in-year-1849One night in 1849gamer core 10bronze
visits the past
soul robbersoul robbergamer core 10bronze
Delilah's soul taken
down-with-the-DukeDown with the Dukegamer core 10bronze
Herzog Luca eliminated Abele
the-greatest-giftThe greatest giftgamer core 10bronze
The last known member of your family rescued
before-many-many yearsMany, many yearsgamer core 10bronze
heard Meagan Foster's History

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