Mortal Kombat XL: Unlock Secret Cyber ​​Sub-Zero

The current DLC for Mortal Kombat X called &# 8220; Kombat Pack 2&# 8243; contains with which you can measure you in gloomy fighting four new characters. One of them is Cyber ​​Sub-Zero, that is an old acquaintance in the Mortal Kombat series. As you can unlock it, we tell you in this guide.

has its Mortal Kombat X, can you you with the Kombat Pack 2 upgrade. For all others there is Mortal Kombat XL. No matter how you decide, you will four new fighters to select. so get Triborg a fourth variation called Cyber ​​Sub-Zero, which some still Mortal Kombat 9 should know. However, it is not playable from the start. Like you activate Cyber ​​Sub-Zero in Mortal Combat X and XL , can you read this Guide.

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Mortal Kombat XL: Cyber ​​Sub-Zero is the DLC

Triborg So get in Mortal Kombat XL one fourth variant. It is the deceased in the ninth part Cyber ​​Sub-Zero, which has now been resurrected as a cyborg. Normally, each character has three different variants in the fight game. This lead to the fighters in their distinguished fatalities, Brutalities and special moves. They also have different styles.

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Has her Kombat Pack 2, you can unlock you Cyber ​​Sub-Zero.Has her Kombat Pack 2, you can unlock you Cyber ​​Sub-Zero.

The fighter Triborg already has three variants, but may receive a fourth to do so if it is a certain key combination suppressed. In addition to this character her following, more fighters will get the DLC:

  • Leatherface (Homage to the film &# 8220; Texas Chainsaw Massacre&# 8221;)
  • Bo&8217; Rai Cho (Known from old MK-parts)
  • Alien (Homage to the film &Alien; # 8220&# 8221;)

Cyber ​​Sub-Zero is a full variation, so that it has its own Brutalities, special moves, etc.. Fights her example, with one of three other Triborg variants, you can a Brutality run in her either left, right or down suppressed, so that a Helfs cyborg rushes to the site and running the end-Move. Here you can also press up so Cyber ​​Sub-Zero does the opponents.

These three variants get the new DLC an old & quot; & quot relatives; to.Three cyborgs give a Triborg.Start Photogallery(7 pictures)Hadouken! These are, according to Metacritic, the six best beat-'em-ups

Key combination to unlock Cyber ​​Sub-Zero

Cyber ​​Sub-Zero is a ice cream-Variant. He freezes enemies with ice or leaves bombes falling from his chest to weaken enemies. Proceed as follows to unlock Cyber ​​Sub-Zero:

  1. Opens the menu for the character selection screen.
  2. Selects Triborg.
  3. Presses now fast high high (ie twice ↑)
  4. now selects triangle (PlayStation 4) or Y (Xbox One) from.
  5. Now a blue robot should appear and be unlocked Cyber ​​Sub-Zero.
This is what Cyber ​​Sub-Zero in the fight.This is what Cyber ​​Sub-Zero in the fight.

Pushes her way, this key combination with another character, a Vanilla version selected. This means it is as if you have chosen any of the three variations.

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